What is a DAP?

A Development Assessment Panel (DAP) is an independent decision-making body comprised of technical experts and elected local government representatives.

Under the Planning & Development (Development Assessment Panels) Regulations 2011 (DAP Regulations), each DAP will determine certain development applications as if they were the responsible authority. DAP's are only decision-making bodies. As such, the local government will be responsible for undertaking an assessment of the proposal, including any public advertising if required and the preparation of a report for the DAP's consideration.

Each DAP consists of five panel members, two local government councillors and three specialist members.

Joint Development Assessment Panels (JDAPs) are established to service two or more local governments.

The City of Albany is a part of the Great Southern Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP) which covers the local government areas of Albany, Broomehill, Tambellup, Cranbrook, Denmark, Gnowangerup, Jerramungup, Katanning, Kent, Kojonup, Plantagenet and Woodanilling. For information on Agenda and Minutes for the Southern JDAP, click on this link.

To make a presentation to the DAP, complete a template located at the below link and email to the DAP Secretariat. The request is to be submitted at least 72 hours prior to the DAP meeting. For further information please click on the Department of Planning website. You can also download a form for requesting a presentation by clicking on this link.

Your application for development is a DAP application if it falls into one of the following two categories:

Mandatory DAP applications - where the value of the development is $10 million or more and not considered an ‘excluded development application’.

Opt-in DAP Applications - the applicant has chosen to have their application determined by a DAP. Opt-in DAP Applications are for those applications where the value is $2 million or more and less than $10 million and are not considered an ‘excluded development application’.

As per the DAP Regulations an 'Excluded Development Application' is defined as an application for approval of:

a) Construction of:

  1. A single house and any associated carport, patio, outbuilding and incidental development;
  2. Less than 10 grouped dwellings and any associated carport, patio, outbuilding and incidental development;
  3. Less than 10 multiple dwellings and any associated carport, patio, outbuilding and incidental development;


b) Development in an improvement scheme area; OR

c) Development by a local government or the WAPC; OR

d) Development in a district for which:

  1. A DAP is not established at the time the application is made; OR
  2. A DAP has been established for less than 60 days at the time the application is made.

For more information on Development Assessment Panels (DAPs) and the process, visit the Department of Planning Website or contact Planning Services on: (08) 9841 9211.

AGENDA/MINUTES - Southern JDAP/40 - 7 JANUARY 2019, 9.30am - LOT 3 TOLL PLACE, ALBANY - Hotel (108 x Rooms), Shop (X2) and incidental uses (Restaurant/Bar, gym and meeting room)

DAP File No: DAP/18/01506

City of Albany wishes to advise that the:

MINUTES are available on the DAP website. - https://www.dplh.wa.gov.au/about/development-assessment-panels/daps-agendas-and-minutes