The City of Albany may enter into a lease or licence agreement with a third party over property owned or managed by the City.

A lease or licence granted by the City will be bound by applicable laws and regulations and is to comply with the principles as set out within the City of Albany Council Policy - Property Management (Leases and Licences).

The Policy provides the principles to be applied when considering a lease or licence over land and buildings owned and or managed by the City, taking into consideration the diversity of both property and lessee.

All requests for a lease or licence will be determined:

  • In a fair, consistent and transparent way; and
  • in a manner that complies with statutory principles and policy.

Any new lease or licence will be subject to City of Albany Council and Minister for Lands (if on Crown land) approval.

Property Management (Leases and Licences) Policy (927KB) View File  OR   Download FileThis policy will ensure that all requests for leases for whatever purpose, will be treated in a fair and equitable manner using open and accountable methodology and in line with statutory procedures.

The City of Albany lease and licence portfolio can be broadly categorised as follows :

  • Commercial
  • Community
  • Residential (staff employment package)

For all lease or licence enquires please contact the City of Albany Property and Leasing team on 9841 9333 or email to