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Some City of Albany documents are large file sizes. If you are unable to download any document due to its size, there are a number of services the City provides to ensure you can still access this information.

Hard copies of some corporate documents, and all Council agendas and minutes are available for viewing at Albany Public Library and the City of Albany’s administration building on North Road.

Alternatively, the Library provides free internet access to the public to download large City of Albany documents.

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City Policies

These policies are developed for administrative and operational requirements. 

Council Policies 

These policies set governing principles and guide the direction of the organisation to align with community values and aspirations. 

  • 8.27 MB
    This Activity Centres Planning Strategy (ACPS) is one of several background studies underpinning a new town planning scheme currently being prepared by the City of Albany. Updated 29 June 2012.
  • 970.10 KB
    Age-Friendly Albany Plan provides a framework for the City to become more welcoming and inclusive of older people. Adopted by Council on 23 February 2016, Resolution CS026.
  • 421.37 KB
    Albany Artificial Surf Reef Feasibility Study
  • 7.87 MB
    The Albany Central Area Masterplan sets out a 20 year vision for the future growth of the town centre. Adopted by Council on 15 June 2010, Resolution 13.2.9.
  • 2.30 MB
    Given that Albany recognises itself as a developing city, this strategy refers to the Albany City Centre in lieu of the CBD.
  • 3.25 MB
    This report provides the planning direction for the City's adopted Albany 3D Future1 vision for future growth and a framework for the new Local Planning Scheme 1 and more detailed precinct and structure planning.
  • 350.87 KB
    Strategic Plan: Rural
  • 6.81 MB
    The Structure Plan Report was prepared for the Albany Waterfront and is intended to guide development in the Albany Foreshore Development Zone, based on the Concept Plan accepted by the City in June 2005. The Concept Plan outlines the broad layout of the foreshore. The Structure Plan provides more specific details and a framework for the proposed pattern of land use and development. The Precinct Plan identifies five precincts within the Albany Waterfront area and outlines a vision, objectives and detailed planning and design guidelines for each. The Precinct Plan represents a logical extension of the endorsed Concept Plan and Structure Plan and takes into account the comments received during community consultation. Council is to have regard for the Precinct Plan when assessing applications, and in doing so, it will guide Council's decision making for development applications and infrastructure provision within the area.
  • 2.43 MB
    This document provides the direction and framework to assist in reducing the City's carbon footprint and rising energy prices. Adopted by Council on 26 August 2014.
  • 1.32 MB
    Map of the CBD parking scheme
  • 2.08 MB
    Communications and Engagement Strategy for public comment.
  • 2.78 MB
    The City of Albany Communications Strategy looks to explain how we communicate our Purpose, Vision and Values to our Community and how we engage residents and other affected stakeholders in decisions or projects that affect their lives. Approved by the Executive Management Team on 28 May 2014.
  • 7.23 MB
    The City of Albany is committed to ensuring that all public services, facilities and information are available to all community members, including those who have a disability, thereby enabling all community members to participate in all aspects of community life.
  • 2.75 MB
    The Community Strategic Plan Albany as part of the City of Albany Integrated Planning Framework was origninally adopted by Council on 25 June 2013 and is reviewed with the Community every two years.
  • 10.75 MB
    Community Development Strategy Connected Communities 2014 to 2018. Adopted by Council on 28 October 2014.
  • 5.49 MB
    The Corporate Business Plan is part of the City of Albany Integrated Planning Framework originally adopted by Council on 25 June 2013. This plan is amended and reviewed annually.
  • 920.11 KB
    Extract from approved East Gledhow Outline Development Plan Southern Catchment. Plan only.
  • 873.98 KB
    Strategy document that outlines the City of Albany's commitment to economic development. Adopted by Council on 26/11/2013, Report Item ED005.
  • 545.25 KB
    The objective of this strategy is to provide a targeted approach to controlling environmental weeds on land managed by the City of Albany. Adopted by Council on 26/03/2019 Report Item DIS151.
  • 599.16 KB
    The aim of the City of Albany Local Emergency Management Arrangements is to document the emergency management arrangements that are in place and ensure a common understanding between agencies and stakeholders involved in managing emergencies within the municipality, which will facilitate a coordinated and consistent approach to managing emergencies.
  • 259.03 KB
    Modified Local Structure Plan for Lots 1, 2 and 3 South Coast Highway, McKail. This Local Structure Plan will guide the subdivision and development of approximately 40ha of land within the local structure plan area.
  • 2.51 MB
    This document provides the direction and framework to sustainably manage the 450 natural reserves under the Council's stewardship. Adopted by Council on 28 March 2017, Resolution DIS013.
  • 2.65 MB
    Public Health Plan 2018-2022
  • 5.23 MB
    The Public Health Plan 2016-2020 provides a framework for the City to improve and promote public health and wellbeing. Adopted by Council on 28 June 2016, Adoption Reference PD127
  • 4.07 MB
  • 3.34 MB
    The City of Albany Stormwater Management Strategy provides an overarching direction for managing the conveyance of stormwater and floodwater to protect the social, economic and environmental assets within the community.
  • 11.75 MB
    The City owns and maintains a substantial network of infrastructure assets, parks and community facilities that provide a variety of services and benefits to the local community. These assets vary in complexity and are diverse in nature. Approved on 26/09/2017.
  • 452.34 KB
    This Strategic Bushfire Plan for the City of Albany was adopted on the 25/11/2014.
  • 446.61 KB
    The 2013 plan analyzes the current operations and develops action plans to improve the service and reduce waste to landfill over the next 5 years. Adopted by Council on 24/09/2013.
  • 8.19 MB
    To guide the City in expanding, protecting and managing urban trees.
  • 143.11 KB
    Appendix 3 to Yakamia Lange Structure Plan (2015) - Contribution planning - roads
  • 2.73 MB
    Youth Friendly Albany Strategy adopted 22 August OCM

Latest Annual Reports

The 2017-2018 City of Albany Annual Report is now available to view or download below.

Annual Report 2017-2018 (6MB) View File  OR   Download FileAnnual Report 2017-2018

Historical Annual Reports

The preceding five Annual Reports are available below.  Older Annual Reports are available in the Publications section of this page.

Annual Report 2016 to 2017 SMALL (6MB) View File  OR   Download FileAnnual Report for 2016 - 2017. Small Version
Annual Report 2015 to 2016 (7MB) View File  OR   Download FileAnnual Report for 2015 - 2016.
Annual Report 2014 to 2015 (14MB) View File  OR   Download File2014-15 City of Albany Annual Report
Annual Report 2013 to 2014 (12MB) View File  OR   Download FileAnnual Report 2013 to 2014
Annual Report 2012 to 2013 (9MB) View File  OR   Download FileAnnual Report 2012 to 2013
Annual Report 2011 to 2012 (3MB) View File  OR   Download FileAnnual Report 2011 to 2012
Annual Report 2010 to 2011 (10MB) View File  OR   Download FileAnnual Report 2010 to 2011.