The City of Albany is structured around four directorates; Office of CEO, Corporate Services, Development Services, Infrastructure and Environment and Community Services.

Mr Andrew Sharpe

Telephone: (08) 6820 3002

Andrew Sharpe commenced in the role of Chief Executive Officer with the City of Albany in August 2015 and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the position.

His skill set and leadership style is focused on ensuring the organisation's objectives are achieved by understanding the importance of people, stakeholder relationships and building stronger communities. 

Andrew grew up in the Great Southern region and has over twenty years' experience in Local Government management.

He has worked in both the public and private sector, predominantly in the areas of taxation, small business, financial management, administration and leadership. 

Andrew believes that people living in Albany should have the same opportunities as those living in Metropolitan Perth and is very proud to be working for the City of Albany.

Mr Michael Cole

Telephone: (08) 6820 3072

Michael commenced work at the City of Albany in February 2016. He has a strong Local Government background, having worked at City of Nedlands and City of Wanneroo prior to his relocation to Albany.

He is a member of the Local Government Managers Association and in October 2014 was elected to the Board of Management of LGMA (WA). 

Michael loves Albany's pristine coastline and beaches which enable him to enjoy the outdoors through swimming, bike riding and surf lifesaving. 

Ms Susan Kay

Telephone: (08) 6820 3134

Susan joined the City of Albany in December 2017 as Executive Director Community Services.

Susan has had a rewarding career in the health sector, both private and public organisations and has worked in various senior roles within the WA Health Department; including Regional Director for WA Country Health Service in the Great Southern in 2011.

Susan comes to the City of Albany with executive leadership skills in large, complex organisations with a focus on guiding teams to optimise outcomes. Susan also loves music, the wonderful natural assets of the Great Southern and the many and varied cultural activities.  Susan is involved with local community groups and looks forward to contributing to the resilience, health and wellbeing of our community. 


Mr Paul Camins

Telephone: (08) 6820 3043

Paul joined the City of Albany in 2011 and was appointed as Executive Director Development Services in November 2016.

He has a strong, practical background in Civil Engineering and land development, having worked in both private and public sectors including State and Local Government.

Paul has been part of the Albany community for 20 years and is passionate and committed to Albany, his family and the community.