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The City of Albany in conjunction with the community and key stakeholders have produced a draft Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Plan ( CHRMAP ) for key coastal assets within the Emu Point to Middleton Beach area.

This CHRMAP is designed to identify coastal inundation and erosion hazards for the area and recommends controls to manage and mitigate the risks, when they should be implemented and what the impact will be in terms of effectiveness and cost.

The draft CHRMAP is based on extensive technical background research and investigations, community and stakeholder values and inputs, recognition of strategic planning and governance interventions available to the City of Albany and the need for culturally and economically acceptable outcomes.

The CHRMAP Implementation Plan is a succinct easy to read stand alone document that provides an overview of the CHRMAP process and details the recommended management options for the key assets at risk.

The City of Albany invites you to provide your feedback on the Implementation Plan via the survey link below.

For further information please contact:

Emma Evans _ Project Officer on 68203015 emmae@albany.wa.gov.au

CHRMAP Implementation Plan DRAFT May 2019 (92MB) View File  OR   Download FileCHRMAP Implementation Plan DRAFT May 2019

This is a technical document which contains the detailed background information to the CHRMAP process. It supports the Implementation Plan.

CHRMAP Draft Final May 2019 (6MB) View File  OR   Download FileCoastal Hazard Risk Management Adaptation Plan CHRMAP Draft Final
CHRMAP Appendices (26MB) View File  OR   Download FileCHRMAP Appendices
CHRMAP Monitoring Plan (381KB) View File  OR   Download FileCHRMAP Monitoring Plan
Coastal Vulnerability Study_Evocoast (9MB) View File  OR   Download FileEvocoast Vulnerability Study for CHRMAP
Background Documentation _Hazard Mapping Study (23MB) View File  OR   Download FileCHRMAP Hazard Mapping Study