The City is responsible for the planning, scheduling and implementation of planned and reactive maintenance on a wide range of assets:

  • 1700 km of roads (55% unsealed)
  • 353 km of open and piped drains (13,000 pits)
  • 150 km of pathways
  • 12 major bridges
  • 200 buildings/structures
  • 44 public toilets
  • 3,400 km of road verges, of which we maintain the vegetation and drains.

The City employs civil maintenance teams and a trades workshop team to undertake most of the maintenance requirements of the City in-house.

Gravel roads are graded 2, 4 or 6 times per year, depending on the volume of traffic on the road. For upcoming monthly maintenance schedule for gravel road grading, street sweeping and bitumen road maintenance please refer to the Community Information page in local newspapers.

The City has a drainage maintenance program which includes vegetation control and silt removal.

Trail and natural reserve maintenance is undertaken on a cyclic program and is largely influenced by the seasons and demand. We endeavour to get to all our high use areas in late spring early summer once the vegetation growth slows.

Urban verge maintenance includes mowing, kerb side and path spraying and street tree management. Mowing is completed under a regular fortnightly schedule, spraying is on a four monthly schedule and street tree management is as required and includes regular pruning as required by Western Power.

City of Albany has over 1800 kilometres of rural road verges, these get maintained on a schedule with the higher use roads and transport routes taking priority. With the vast area to cover we are unable to get to every road every year. Currently the schedule is on a three to five year cycle.

Garden maintenance is undertaken for all gardens around the CBD and within Public Open Spaces. All areas are visited within a fortnightly schedule.

Reticulation maintenance is undertaken annually in preparation for the summer months and regularly for the sporting fields. Reticulation is switched off throughout the winter months, although some may be required for the sports fields dependent on the rainfall.

Sports fields are maintained regularly to ensure playing surface remain at a high standard. Maintenance undertaken includes mowing, top dressing, fertilising, weed control and coring.

Playground inspections and maintenance is undertaken at all 42 of our playgrounds each month, which includes raking/sifting sand and ensuring all equipment is safe for use.