DRIFT, an immersive musical journey through the last whaling station. image

20 November 2018 18:30pm - 20 November 2018 21:00 PM

Location: 81 Whaling Station Rd, Torndirrup WA 6330

Price: Various

Contact Name: Yasmine Welsh

Contact Email: yasminew@albany.wa.gov.au

How to book:

For ticketing information www.discoverybay.com.au 98844 4021


Drift back in time 40 years to 20th November 1978, a date etched into the fabric of Australia’s history. On this day a 36 foot Sperm whale was caught by the Cheynes IV whale chaser ship and towed back to the whaling station in Albany. This whale would be the very last whale caught in Australian waters, as the following day the whaling station closed, marking the end of the era of whaling in Australia.

Drift forward 40 years to 20th November 2018, and experience Albany’s Historic Whaling Station like never before. Join a cast of international and local musicians and singers as they bring the unique whaling station spaces, stories and history to life.

Be enchanted by new music as Creative Director and singer Matt Ward leads the cast in a musical festival of stories, song and immersive audio-visual experiences, with influence from opera, music theatre to pub-rock and whale songs.

On the night event guests will be guided through five unique Historic Whaling Station venues discovering a collection of musical experiences along the way. Guests will then enjoy a hot supper and complementary glass of local wine or beer prior to the commencement of the grand finale performance. Additional drinks will be available for purchase on the night.

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Tickets are available from our website www.discoverybay.com.au