Pilot Information

Please refer to Airservices Australia En route Supplement Advisory for latest surveyed details. 

1. Navigational Aids available at Albany Airport   


ILS Runway 14 only   

PAPI Runway 14/32 only   

AWIS (08) 9842 1623 

2. Pilot Activate Lights (PAL)   

VHF frequencey 127.85   

3 x 3 second pulse on VHF radio handset will activate PAPI lights and RWY       14/32 lights and TWY Alpha and illuminated wind indicator.   

Aerodrome lighting will remain illuminated for 60 minutes.  After 50 minutes,    the primary windsock will flash at one second intervals for 10 minutes, after    which the lighting will extinguish.   

Re-activation can be achieved by repeating the 3 x 3 second pulse     transmissions.   

RWY 05/23 is not lit   

Emergency standby runway lighting is available

Albany Airport is a security controlled airport and an ASIC card must be worn by all personnel attending airside activities. Access to the terminal can be obtained by contacting the Duty Airport Reporting Officer on 0439 694 666.

Air Services

Albany is well serviced by multiple daily regular public transport flights from and to Perth provided by Virgin Australia.

Virgin bookings and flight information:

Ph 13 67 89

Flight schedule:

Albany Airport Ground Staff

Ph (08) 9841 4500

Aircraft Maintenance Provider

Rainbow Aircraft Maintenance

Mob 0423 164 915 

After Hours (08) 9845 1924

Providing service to GA, SAAA, RAA and Skywest RPT.

Animal Freight

Need to transport an animal by air? This can be organised by contacting Marianne at Ulster Road Kennels, which is also the agent for Dogtainers and Jetset. 

Ulster Road Kennels

Ph (08) 9841 1181

Car Rentals

Avis Albany 

The same people have owned the local Avis Car Rentals franchise for the past eight years, you can be sure they know how to provide a top service.The Avis booth is manned for all morning flights, including Saturday, but not always on Sunday. To be sure, it is best to call ahead to arrange for your car or four-wheel-drive to be ready to pick up. 

Ph (08) 9842 2833 or Mob 0428 422 833

8am - 5pm


Budget Rent A Car is open for all scheduled Skywest and charter flights. Pre-booking your car is highly recommended.
Ph (08) 98417 799
Mob 0418 930 004
Internet bookings


Private and business charters can be arranged through several local businesses. Choose a provider and make a call to arrange your own flight, when you want fly. 

Albany Aviation

Business and private charters, scenic flights and aerial photography are all available through Albany Aviation. 

Ph (08) 9841 5508 or Fax (08) 9841 5508

Mob 0428 922 838

Albany Air Charter or Joyce Air

Joyce Air is on call “24/7”, and provide a pilot who is very experienced in aerial charters, scenic flights, aerial spraying and spreading.  

Ph (08) 9844 4785 or or Fax (08) 9844 4290

Mob 0427 206 210

Albany Aero Club

To contact the club, or for aircraft bookings  

Ph 0417 940 461

Greg McFarlane

Sporting Aircraft Association

A strong membership of keen aviation enthusiasts have their home at the Albany Airport as part of the Sporting Aircraft Association of Australia (SAAA) Chapter 13. To contact the organisation, click on the hyperlinks for each name below. 

President: Ian Coombe

Ph (08) 0428 957 829

Secretary/Contact: John Rich

Ph 0407 982 473 

Flying Schools

If learning to fly is your dream then choose the spectacular skyline over Albany to master your skills. 

Two flying schools operate from Albany Airport and each specialises in general or recreational flying. All flying training is completed in Albany including theory and testing. For more information on either school, visit: 

Rainbow Coast Flying School

Ralph Burnett

Ph (08) 9842 8963 or Mob 0427 200 673

Great Southern Aviation (GSA)

GSA has two highly qualified instructors with in excess of 5000hrs flying time, each of whom specialise in flight training but also conduct charter and aerial work. 

Julie Biser

Ph/Fax (08) 9842 1403 or Mob 0429 447 750  


Ground Handling and Air Freight Services

For all air freight services, the Skywest-affiliated major freight company is Australian Air Express, represented locally by Camtrans. 

To arrange for movement of freight by air or to organise marshalling and ground handling, contact Albany Airport Services. 

Albany Airport Services

Steve and Anne Johnson

Mob 0448 892 228  or

Skywest Direct Freight

Ph (08) 9477 3364 or Fax (08) 9477 3401  

Australian Air Express

Ph 13 12 13 or Fax (03) 8633 3141  

Albany agent: Camtrans

Ph (08) 9841 7409 or Fax 9841 8488



The Bureau of Meteorology is located at the Albany Airport and can provide up-to-date and reliable information on weather across the nation, including forecasts and technical data.

The Bureau operates:

Sunday to Friday 5.45am - 9.15pm

Saturday 5.45am - 3.15pm 

Ph (08) 9842 2616 or Fax (08) 9842 1055