People power improves outcomes for Albany image

13 March 2019

City of Albany staff work hard to provide many services to the community – they are passionate about Albany, they love their work and they take a lot of pride in supporting and collaborating with their community.

That’s the theme of the City of Albany’s 2017-2018 Annual Report, which was adopted by Council at its meeting on Tuesday, February 26 and has now been published at

Mayor Dennis Wellington said it was the City’s people power delivering improved outcomes for the community and helping Council achieve regional solutions for things like tourism, waste and renewable energy.

“Being smarter at what we do means our community will be prosperous and the region will continue to grow,” he said. “Being sustainable is part of this and we’ve set an ambitious but achievable goal to become 100% energy self-sufficient by embracing clean and green power options

“This process started last year with WA’s first Energy Self Sufficiency Hackathon led by Western Power and involving industry and community to find valuable solutions for Albany’s energy needs into the future.”

The Annual Report looks back at on some of these achievements and the highlights of a busy but successful 2017-2018 for the City of Albany. Top of the Mayor’s highlights was the way our community rallied in response to the bushfire emergency in May 2018.

“The community spirit on display was heart-warming and it was reassuring to see the way our staff, volunteers, residents and businesses came together in what was an unprecedented and intense situation that risked lives and property,” Mayor Wellington said.

Chief Executive Officer Andrew Sharpe said there was lot to be proud of over the past year, from growing regional partnerships to major infrastructure upgrades, hosting successful major events, and the strong culture established within the organisation.

“It is important we don’t rest on our laurels and we continue to strive for improvement in all areas by listening to our community and continuing to set high standards,” Mr Sharpe said.

The City of Albany will hold its Annual Electors Meeting in the Civic Rooms at its North Road Council Chamber at 6.30pm on Thursday, March 14.