The City of Albany does not supply or facilitate the supply of mobile garbage bins (MGBs) to residential property owners.

Residential property owners are required to purchase and provide their own MGBs to participate in the kerbside waste collection service.

MGBs and parts can be purchased from Plastics Plus and Cleanaway.

General waste: 140L blue bin with red lid

Recycling: 240L green bin with yellow lid

Green waste: 240L black bin with green lid

Bins will be collected on their usual days throughout the entire year (including Christmas). Please make sure your bins are out before 6am.

Bins must be out before 6am on your collection day to avoid it being missed if there is a change of driver or route. The best time to put your bin out is the night before.

Though paper is recyclable, shredded paper is hard to bale and pick up off the recycle belt. Most of the shredded paper cannot be removed from the continuously moving belt efficiently. The best way to dispose of shredded paper is in a worm farm or compost. Otherwise it must be disposed of in your general waste bin.

To apply for a second bin to be collected from your property, you or the owner of the property must pay for a second collection within the property's rates. This can be applied for at the City of Albany.

Expected bin life is about 10 years. Many blue and green waste bins were distributed in 2004 and recycle bins are around 20 years old. The most common type of wear and tear occurs when pins holding the lid on wriggle out causing one side to falls out and the other side to snap off during lifting. New lids and pins can be purchased and replaced for a small cost from Plastics Plus or Cleanaway.

The older green recycle bins were previously used as general waste bins prior to the current 140L blue bins and are close to 20 years old. The wheels fall off due to the axles rusting out, resulting in the pin holding the wheel onto the axle coming loose. If the axle is rusted it is recommended that a new set of wheels and an axle is replaced. These can be purchased for a small cost from Plastics Plus or Cleanaway.

Your Builders Completion Notice must be submitted to the City of Albany office by either yourself or your builder. The Rates department will then advise our waste collection contractor Cleanaway of the new property and you can place bins on the verge for collection.

It is up to the owner of the property to maintain bins. Spare parts such as lids, wheels, axles and pins can be purchased from Cleanaway and Plastics Plus.

The trucks are able to lift up to 70kg maximum. During winter, green waste bins often exceed this limit due to wet grass clippings being put into the bins and squashed down. If you struggle to push your green waste bin to the kerb due to its weight, chances are that it exceeds 70kg. If you feel the bin is more than 70kg, take some of it out and put it aside until the bin has been emptied. If you have a large amount of green waste you can take it to Vancouver Waste for $19 per cubic metre.

Plastic food and beverage packaging with the numbers 1, 2, 3 & 5 can be recycled. If there is no number stamped and you are unsure the safest place to put it is in the rubbish bin. Refer to the instruction sticker on your recycle bin lid for more information. Replacement instruction stickers are available from the City of Albany Administration Building and Cleanaway.

Green waste is not accepted at Hanrahan Road unless it is contaminated. Green waste must be taken to Vancouver Waste located on John Street.

Residents can take chemicals, paint tins as well as fluoro light globes and batteries to Fossicker's Tip Shop where they are placed in the Household Hazardous Waste section for removal. Chemical containers must still have their labels so they can be identified. Commercial businesses must arrange removal of their own hazardous waste, there are small businesses in town who deal with this.

If you are having trouble moving your bin to and from the kerbside for collection due to immobility, permanently or temporarily, you can apply for the disability service. As part of this service, the driver will pick your bin up from the front of your property, take it to the truck to empty it and return it back to your property on your usual bin days. To become a part of the disability service you must make an appointment with your doctor who will determine if it is required. Your doctor will then send a letter to the City of Albany who advises their contractor Cleanaway of your name and address details. After the service commencement date has been confirmed and approved the City of Albany will send you a letter advising you of the commencement date.

Download the Household Hazardous Waste flyer to find out more about disposing of hazardous waste

For more information about handling and disposing of Asbestos see the downloads below.

Health: Asbestos and asbestos containing material (ACM) removal & disposal procedure information sheet (901KB) View File  OR   Download FileProvides information on the safe removal and disposal of asbestos and asbestos containing material (ACM).
Asbestos Disposal Guidelines (475KB) View File  OR   Download FileThe City of Albany maintains licences for disposal of waste at designated landfill sites.
Waste Charges 2015 to 2016 (34KB) View File  OR   Download FileCouncil adopted Waste Charges 2015/2016.
Landfill Subsidy Scheme Policy (321KB) View File  OR   Download FileTo provide subsidised waste disposal facilities for eligible charitable or benevolent community based organisations within the City of Albany.

The City does not deal with septic or sewerage waste, please call a licensed liquid waste carrier.