Bins & Waste

The City of Albany provides a four weekly greenwaste collection service for all residential properties. Greenwaste from your garden is a valuable resource. The greenwaste from your bin is transported to a local facility that processes the garden organics to produce garden mulch.

What can I put in my Greenwaste Bin

The bio bin is for your greenwaste including plant material, leaves, prunings, grass clippings and small branches.


It is important to make sure that only greenwaste material is placed in the bio bin. Placing incorrect items in the bio bin is called 'contamination'. Contamination causes problems during the processing of greenwaste, as well as affecting the ability of the greenwaste to be processed into high quality mulch. In some cases, just a few contaminated bins can ruin an entire truckload of greenwaste. Just a few people doing the wrong thing can lead to such a waste! Make sure your efforts count- RECYCLE RIGHT!!

Have you had a garden clean-up lately and have too much green waste that won't fit into your bin? Then you can take your green waste (clippings and branches) to the Greenwaste facility:

Vancouver Waste

21 John St, Milpara.

Contact No: (08) 9845 7688

Cost: $18.00 / m3

See the Bulk Greenwaste Verge Collection information sheet.

Albany Bulk Green Waste Collection (192KB) View File  OR   Download FileBulk Green Waste Verge Collection Information Sheet Version 4