The Albany community is fortunate to have a large number of willing volunteers who give their time to serve the community in times of emergency. These volunteers provide a valuable contribution to the community in a variety of operational, administrative and functional support roles.

Our volunteers operate across a number of fields of expertise and all combine to make our community safer. When the need arises our volunteers can often be found in the front line protecting and assisting our community when they are most needed.

If your interest in these organisations is less operational you are still welcome: supporting, non-operational, volunteers are highly sought after.

Much of the City of Albany lies outside of the gazetted Fire and Rescue area so the local communities rely on Volunteer Bushfire Brigades who are often the first called when fire threatens. There are 16 brigades strategically distributed across all parts of the City providing a high level of service to their community.

Bushfire volunteers are trained in key areas of personal and team safety, bushfire awareness and suppression techniques, driving vehicles, radio operations and first aid. The more experienced volunteers may also be invited to participate in key fire ground leadership and emergency management roles.

If you're interested in joining a brigade, please contact your local fire control officer:







Laurie Nissen (permits)
Chris Ayres

0429 838 038
0427 451 123



Roy Smith
Craig Wickham
Mal Parsons (permits)

0498 725 555
0478 954 454
9844 6367



Morgan Sounness (permits)
Jeff Stoney

0427 471 057
0427 471 011

Green Range


Ian Smith (permits)
Mark Plunkett

0429 466 031
0428 466 032



Gerrit Ballast
Walter Van Dongen (permits)

0498 998 878
0428 281 224



Graeme Poole
Darryl Bradley
Don Tomlinson (permits)

0419 919 949
0438 198 473
0427 366 040

King River


Sandy Lyon
Malcolm Pearce (permits)

0428 443 630
0429 337 382



Ashton Hood (permits)

 Scott Smith

0458 468 003
0429 466 037



Kim Lester (permits)
Tim Metcalfe

0429 889 075
0487 350 111



Tom Collins (permits)
Brett Smoker

0428 443 451
0458 552 822



Pieter Mostert (permits)
Lance Flett

0497 453 009
0427 453 048

South Coast


Shane Duncan

Rowan Hardy

0417 820 443
0419 663 061

South Stirling


Graeme Pyle (permits)
John Howard

9854 3021
0428 543 004



Keith Smith (permits)
Sam Cockburn (permits)

0428 451 516
0400 733 455

Youngs Siding


Kevin Martin (permits)
Martin Peterson

0427 452 032
9845 2010



Peter Diprose (permits)
Rick Chadwick

0427 472 037
0428 472 014

Brigade Operating Procedures

The City of Albany Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade Operating Procedures describe the safe work practices that should be followed by volunteers and staff when involved in brigade activities.

City of Albany Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade Operating Procedures (4MB) View File  OR   Download FileCity of Albany Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades Operating Procedures (as at May 2017).

The Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service (VFRS) responds to many and varied emergency incidents within the City of Albany. They may be called upon to help the community in emergencies such as house and other structural fires, bush fires, car fires, incidents involving flammable liquids, incidents involving hazardous materials, road crash rescue and resources from other structures.

The VFRS is often called upon to provide back up support and assistance to career fire fighters within the City of Albany’s gazetted fire district. They can also be called upon to assist bush fire brigades at larger incidents outside of the gazetted area.

VFRS volunteers receive extensive training to ensure they are adequately prepared for situations they are likely to encounter in the fire fighting roles.

For more information visit the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) website.

St John Ambulance (SJA) volunteers play a vital role in the City of Albany by providing a high quality ambulance service and pre-hospital care to residents.

Volunteer ambulance officers receive the highest quality training to give them the necessary skills allowing them to fulfil their role. Volunteers undertake initial training and ongoing maintenance training competency. Volunteers are able to select their preferred training level which is compatible to the roles they undertake.

For more information visit the St John Ambulance Service website.

The State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers help the community to recover from emergency events. They also assist Police by helping at land searches, and conduct cliff, aerial and cave rescues.

The SES provides many opportunities for volunteers to assist behind the scenes in key roles such as radio and computer operators, incident control, planning and logistics. SES Volunteers actively promote safety education, prevention and preparation measures in community visits.

SES volunteers receive training in first aid, map reading and navigation, land search, storm damage, flood boat rescue, general rescue, leadership, management, driving vehicles in emergencies, abseiling, aerial observation and ground support for fire services.

For more information visit the SES Volunteer Association website or telephone the SES Volunteer information line on 1800 628 141.

The Volunteer Marine Rescue Service (VMRS) aims to protect and save lives at sea. The Albany coastline is notorious for its rough and turbulent seas.

The VMRS often finds itself working alongside or in support of WA Police operations on the ocean. They can also be called upon to assist vessels and boats unable to make their own way. On a day to day basis VMRS volunteers operate a coast watch service to track the safe return of small craft in the waters around Albany.

VMRS personnel receive initial and ongoing training to help prepare them for their role. This training covers health and safety, marine radio operations, navigation, radar and senior first aid.

For more information visit the Department of Fire and Emergency Services website or telephone the volunteer information line on 1800 628 141.

The Albany Surf Life Saving Club (ASLSC) is based at Middleton Beach and provides a service to make our beach and nearby water ways safe. Their peak operating times coincide with the warmer months when beach patrols become a key feature on our premier beach.

The ASLSC has been providing a beach safety service for many years and is recognised for its role in beach safety.

Surf Life Saving Volunteers receive comprehensive training in fields complementary to the challenges they are faced with. Training opportunities include resuscitation, first aid, defibrillation use, rescue and emergency care.

For more information visit the Albany Surf Lifesaving Club website.