The role of the City of Albany’s Environmental Health Officers is to manage the public environmental health risks in the areas such as food safety, development control, disease control, pollution control and community living. Where acceptable standards are not maintained the officers assume an enforcement role.

Effluent disposal systems produce a quantity of nutrients and unless these are contained on-site, they will enter the general environment and can adversely affect the natural aquatic and surrounding wetland environment of the area.

Grey water needs to be properly managed to minimise health risk and degradation of the environment.

This application form will help determine what system will suit the site, what will be required to adequately and safely dispose of the waste and verify whether your proposed installation will meet Health Department requirements.

Click on this link to download an application form to construct or install sewage treatment apparatus.

Accessing help on Environmental Health issues

The City of Albany Environmental Health Officers should be contacted when a landowner does something that may affect the health of residents living, working or recreating near his or her property. The City may also respond to a restricted number of nuisances where the broader environment is affected, including noise generated on a premise, contamination within Council drains and the dumping of rubbish on land.

To help the City resolve your complaint, download a copy of the City of Albany environmental health complaint form from the link below and submit the completed form to the Environmental Health team.

Health: Environmental Health Section Complaint Form (42KB) View File  OR   Download FileEnvironmental Health Section Complaint Form.
Health: Septic System as Constructed Diagram Form (46KB) View File  OR   Download FileForm to show completed layout and dimensions of the apparatus for the treatment of sewage.
Health: Food Act 2008 - Notification and Registration Form (57KB) View File  OR   Download FileApplication & Notification Form - Food Suppliers.

The City of Albany’s Public Health Plan (PHP) is a five year strategic plan providing a framework to improve the health and wellbeing of its community. The plan aligns with the City of Albany’s Strategic Plan and provides direction and framework for other plans and policies, such as the Age Friendly Plan, Local Planning Scheme, etc.

The purpose of this Public Health Plan (PHP) is to protect, improve and promote public health and wellbeing amongst all residents in the City of Albany. It aims to support all members of the community, across all life stages to achieve good health and wellbeing outcomes across a range of identified priority health issues.

Public Health Plan (3MB) View File  OR   Download FilePublic Health Plan 2018-2022