RangersLittering and dumping are illegal practices where people deliberately dump their rubbish where it isn't wanted.

It can include unwanted refuse dumped on streets, in parks or on building site bins or tossing used furniture or other items on vacant land or into the bush.

More serious illegal dumping occurs where people fill up trailers and trucks with all sorts of items and materials and dump them in an area where they think they will not be seen such as National Parks, bushland reserves or parks.

This is a very negative and harmful practice and shows disregard for Albany's natural environment. There is no excuse for this type of dumping when there are existing waste services available.

The City of Albany offers convenient waste disposal services at very reasonable rates. Many unwanted household items can be disposed of for free. For more information please click here.

Litter which has been dumped on private property is the sole responsibility of the property owner. The property owner has the option of referring their complaint to the Keep Australia Beautiful Council (KABC).

For litter which has been dumped on public land, please contact the Rangers Team on 9841 9349 or report it using our 'Report It' form. The rangers will then attend and investigate and arrange for it to be removed.

Offence Penalty- Individual Penalty- Corporation
Littering – cigarette butt, general littering $200 $500
Bill Posting $200 $500
Depositing domestic or commercial waste in a public receptacle $200 $500
Littering that creates a public risk *** $500 $2000

***Examples include: Breaking glass, metal or earthenware, littering of car bodies and car parts, batteries, hazardous chemicals or medicines, fridges and freezers with doors attached, tyres, lit cigarettes and syringes.

The maximum penalties for littering offences is $5,000 for individuals and $10,000 for corporations.

Littering and illegal dumping of a more significant nature may be prosecuted under the Environmental Protection Act 1986, carrying a maximum penalty of $62,500 (individuals) and $125,000 (corporate bodies). More information on illegal dumping available at www.der.wa.gov.au.

In Western Australia littering infringements can be issued by authorised officers that include: police officers, local government rangers and other officers employed by government departments that oversee the protection of the environment and waterways.