RangersParking is provided for the benefit of visitors to Albany and local residents.

The time allowed for parking varies significantly betweens locations throughout the Albany CBD. Please read and take note of parking signs that apply to where you intend to park. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have selected a bay that allows parking in that position for the time required to conduct your business.

Regular parking inspections are conducted by Rangers and fines may be issued to drivers who contravene parking conditions.

In addition to timed bays, other parking zones are provided for certain types of vehicles. These include loading zones, taxi bays and bus stops. Please note that passenger vehicles are not permitted to use these bays. Likeways parking against the flow of traffic, on a footpath or in a "no standing" area is not permitted and may prove costly.

There are numerous bays that are reserved for people with disabilities who display an ACROD permit. If an ACROD permit holder is parked in a non-ACROD bay, they are entitled to park for double the sign-posted limit.

The penalty for parking in a disabled parking bay without an ACROD permit has recently significantly increased from $120 to $300.

For more information visit the ACROD Parking Program website.