Check out this list of frequently asked questions related to rates, or contact us for more information.

Property owners have an obligation to ensure that the City has the correct address details for service of rate notices.

If you have changed address, notification can be done by:

  • Writing to PO Box 484, Albany DC WA 6331
  • Contacting a Rates Officer by phoning (08) 6820 3100
  • Downloading, completing and returning our Change of Address form
  • Emailing
Change of Address Form (213KB) View File  OR   Download FileForm to be used when updating contact information.

If you are selling or buying a property, you should confirm with your settlement agent or solicitor that they will advise the City of the new owner’s contact information, date of sale and do the rates adjustments.

If you are now the owner of a property and have not used a settlement agent or solicitor, you should provide a copy of the Certificate of Title and your new mailing address to our Rates Department so that our records can be updated.

If you hold one of the following cards, are a property owner, and were living at that property as your "ordinary place of residence" at July 1 of the rating year, you may be eligible for a State Government rebate on your Rates and Emergency Services Levy.

  • Pensioner Concession Card;
  • WA State Seniors Card;
  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card and WA State Seniors Card; or
  • State Concession Card

Applications for the rebate can be made at the City of Albany office on North Road. If you are unable to attend our office, you can also apply over the phone with the Water Corporation online - click here or by telephoning 1300 659 951. The Water Corporation will forward the application to the City of Albany for processing.

You may also be entitled to a rebate if you have life tenancy under the terms of a will.

You may be entitled to defer your rates and emergency services levy – please contact our Rates Department to discuss your options. There is no rebate or deferment on refuse and waste charges.

Pensioners, Commonwealth Seniors and State Concession card holders may be entitled to a rates rebate of 50% capped at $750 plus 50% rebate on Emergency Services Levy.

Seniors may be entitled to a rates rebate of 25% capped at $100 plus 25% rebate on Emergency Services Levy.

If the calculated rates rebate is less than the cap, then the lesser amount applies.

Generally pensioners and seniors would be entitled to the full amount.

However, a number of factors are taken into consideration when determining the rebate.  For example, if your property is used for farming or commercial purposes, there are multiple dwellings on the property or there is an owner who is not entitled to register as a pensioner or senior, then the rebate will be adjusted accordingly.

Note that there is no cap on Emergency Services Levy and no rebate given on refuse or waste charges.

When there are changes to your property that will affect your valuation, the City receives a new valuation and effective date from Landgate. The City will then issue an amended (interim) rate notice. Generally new valuations are received 1-2 months after the building or subdivision completion.

Examples of where your valuation will be amended include:

  • A new dwelling or shed
  • Dwelling alterations or additional rooms have been constructed
  • A building has been demolished
  • Your property has been subdivided or amalgamated

Council sets a rates minimum payment amount to ensure that all ratepayers contribute an equitable amount for City services.

If the calculation of valuation multiplied by the rate in the dollar is less than the minimum amount, then the minimum will be applied.  If the valuation multiplied by the rate in the dollar is more than the minimum, then the higher amount is payable.