The City of Albany has approximately 400 staff across 4 Directorates. These staff are employed in a variety of ways including directly as full time, part time or casual employees, through labour hire, as apprentices and trainees or in contract/temporary placements. All of the City's current vacancies appear under the Employment section of our website.

Vacancies at the City come up on an ad-hoc basis. At times there will be several vacancies advertised concurrently and at other times there will be few or none. This is due to the many internal factors and differing team requirements that arise throughout the year.

If there is an advertised vacancy that is not appearing on the City's website please contact the HR Team at or on (08) 6820 3110.


The Selection Process is your opportunity to showcase your personal attributes, strengths, personality, communication skills and above all, your suitability for the job you’re applying for. Make sure you’ve done your research and show your enthusiasm & passion for what you do.

Here are some tips which will help you ace the Selection Process!

  • Don’t forget to include the dates of your employment and arrange your jobs in chronological order (most recent first);
  • Provide a short explanation of any gaps – for example maybe you went on a 3 month holiday or took time off to study;
  • Use dot point format to display your responsibilities and achievements in each role;
  • Make sure your contact details are correct, clearly displayed and professional! Steer clear of any unprofessional email accounts, for example,
  • Don’t forget to check your spelling and grammar (and don’t just rely on spell-check for this - to, too, two, there and their are common mistakes which may not be picked up).

Before you apply for a position please read the position description (available immediately following the advertisement) carefully to assess your eligibility and suitability for the position.

At the interview answer interview questions like a STAR!

The STAR method is a great tool to remember when answering behavioural based interview questions such as, “Tell me about a time you handled a difficult customer complaint.” The STAR method will help you structure your response so that your answers paint a clear picture of the situation, actions and the outcome.

S – Situation (What was the situation?)

T – Task (What was the task that was required?)

A – Action (What did you do and how did you do it?)

R – Result (What was the outcome or end result?)

Lastly ask Good Questions.

This is a big tip! Demonstrate that you have done your homework, that you’re really listening and you understand what’s going on by asking relevant questions about the company and the job in question.

The City's application packages for vacancies are uploaded in a PDF format. Should you experience any difficulties with retrieving these documents or applying for vacancies through the City's website you can contact the HR Team via or on (08) 6820 3110. Applications may also be submitted directly to the HR Department on the previously mentioned email address.

If you have any enquiries regarding the recruitment process please contact the HR Team on (08) 6820 3110. For any enquiries about a particular position please contact the person listed in the advertisement.