Flight Schedule

  • REX Airlines operates flights every day between Albany and Perth. 
  • For enquiries regarding REX Flights (departures, arrivals and bookings) please ring REX directly on 131 713.
  • To view the flight schedule for the dates that you would like to travel please click here.
  • Passengers are recommended to register their mobile phone number with Rex Airlines when booking a flight to ensure you get updates to flight arrival and departure times. 


  • The system is a simple pay and display ticket system with the first four hours free and a daily rate of $8.80 thereafter.
  • For more information on the introduction of paid parking download the PDF.


  • The Cafe serves great coffee, tea, toasted turkish, burgers, hot chocolate, milkshakes, cake, sandwiches and rolls. Opening hours:

            Monday to Friday: 5:30am to 6:00pm
            Saturday: 5:30am to 10:30am
            Sunday: 2:00pm to 6:00pm

Located just 11km from Albany Central Business District, the Albany Airport is conveniently located whether you are travelling for business or pleasure.

Customer Service

What procedures does Rex have for customer complaints?

Rex uses an online passenger feedback system that tracks every follow-up action and document once the passenger lodges feedback or a complaint. This online passenger feedback system is available at http://www.rex.com.au/FeedBack/ContactUs.aspx .

Car Rental

Both the AVIS Albany and Budget booths are manned for all morning flights, including Saturdays, but not always Sundays.

To be sure, it is best to call ahead to arrange for your car or four-wheel-drive to be ready to pick up.

  • AVIS Albany: Phone: (08) 9842 2833 or Mobile: 0448 330 591 | Hours of Operation: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Budget: Phone: (08) 98417 799 or Mobile: 0418 930 004 | Internet bookings: www.budget.com.au


  • Albany City Cabs & Transport | Phone: (08) 9841 7000
  • Albany Taxis | Phone: (08) 9844 4444 


The Amazing South Coast, in particular Albany and its surrounds have arguably the best scenery in Australia to be seen from the Air.

Private and business charters can be arranged through several local businesses. Choose a provider and make a call to arrange your own flight, when you want fly.

Albany Aero Club: Greg McFarlane

  • Mob: 0417 940 461
  • Web: https://www.albanyaeroclub.com

Albany Aviation: Australian Outback Air Tours, Private and Government Charter Work.

  • Ph: 9841 5508
  • Mob: 0428 922 838.
  • Web: https://sevenwesttravelclub.com.au/stories/skys-the-limit-for-small-plane-tours. 

Albany Flying Club Inc.: President: Laurence Green

The club provides aircraft hire (Cessna 172 - 4 seater) to Club Members at a reduced rate and to other Pilots visiting Albany at a competitive standard rate. The Club also hires aircraft to Pilots who are building their flying hours up to progress forward to Commercial Pilots License without having to leave Albany.

  • Mob: 0427 983 636. 

Great Southern Aviation:
Julie Biser (Chief Flying Instructor) Mob: 0429 447 750 | Web:  www.albanyflyingschool.com. Great Southern Aviation has been operating for 20+ years and specialises in flying training, scenic flights, charter flights and aerial work.


Joyce Air: Lindsay Joyce

On call “24/7”, Joyce Air can provide a pilot who is very experienced in aerial charters, scenic flights, aerial spraying and spreading. 

  • Ph: (08) 9844 4785
  • Mob: 0427 206 210
  • Web: https://www.albanygateway.com.au/directory/4616-joyce-air

Rainbow Coast Flying School: Ralph Burnett (Chief Flying Instructor)

  • Mob: 0427 200 6783
  • Web: www.albanyflyingschools.com


Sporting Aircraft Association:

A strong membership of keen aviation enthusiasts have their home at the Albany Airport as part of the Sporting Aircraft Association of Australia (SAAA) Chapter 13.

  • Mob: 0428 957 829 - Ian Coombe (President)
  • Mob: 0407 982 473 - John Rich (Secretary/Contact) 
  • Web: http://sabc.org.au/All/Photos/AviationEvents/2004FlyingWeekend/51-Stinson-AC.html

Aircraft Landing Fees (GST inclusive):

  • 0 - 1500 kg            $12.15 per 1000 kg per day
  • 1500 - 3000 kg      $12.15 per 1000 kg per day
  • 3000 - 5000 kg      $16.60 per 1000 kg per landing
  • 5000 -15000 kg     $22.05 per 1000 kg per landing
  • over 15000 kg       $26.50 per 1000 kg per landing

Charter Aircraft Passenger Levy: 
 $21.00 per person

After Hours Refueller: $133.40

General Aviation (GA) Parking: More than 7 days $6.10 per day

Public Paid Vehicle Parking: Four hours free and a daily rate of $8.80 thereafter.

Safety and security
Airport safety and security is a responsibility we all share.  The Australian government has passed the Aviation Transport Security Act 2004 which provides a layered approach to the increase of security within the aviation industry.  On a local level at Albany Airport we have a Safety Committee compromising of airport tenants, local law enforcement agencies (WAPOL and the airport operator (the City of Albany).

Aircraft owners
The prime responsibility for protection against an aviation security breach or risk lies with the aircraft owner. Aircraft owners have responsibility for the security of their aircraft.  When the aircraft is not in use, as an aircraft owner, you must ensure measures are taken to secure your aircraft against theft.

These measures include fitting a wheel lock, a lockable control lock, parking in a locked hangar or securing the aircraft with a lockable device. Standard door locks are not considered adequate protection. (Act Pt4 Div 5 Sec 61 (1) (d)), please ensure your aircraft meets the latest requirements.

The Albany Airport Security Officers conduct random compliance checks to ensure compliance with the regulations.

Albany (Harry Riggs) Regional Airport
Albany Airport is a regulated airport under the Aviation Transport Security Act 2004. The major responsibility of the Albany Airport is to provide effective perimeter security for the airport as a whole to act as a deterrent to unauthorised entry. An Access Control System is in operation and all aircraft owners who require access airside will be provided with a suitable access code. Details of this system are supplied separately.

The City of Albany, as the operator of the Albany Airport will work closely with the Office of Transport Security, airport tenants and airport users to ensure compliance with the act and other regulations.



Drug and Alcohol Management
Albany Airport is required by Part 99 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 to develop and implement a Drug and Alcohol Management Plan (DAMP) that covers persons who perform, or are available to perform, a Safety-Sensitive Aviation Activities (SSAA). The Albany Airport DAMP applies to all Albany Airport personnel, contractors and sub-contractors that perform or are available to perform a SSAA at Albany Airport.

For further information regarding drug and alcohol management at Albany Airport, please refer to the Albany Airport DAMP.


ASIC Requirements at Albany Airport

An Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) is an Australian identification card that shows that the holder of the card has undergone a security check and is suitable to enter a secure area of an Australian Airport. Security checks are performed by AusCheck (part of the Attorney General's Department) and include a criminal records check undertaken by the Australian Federal Police, a security assessment conducted by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) and an unlawful non-citizen check conducted by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).

It is a mandatory requirement to wear an ASIC pass at all times in all airside areas of Albany Airport.

Albany Airport is required to have an approved Transport Security Program (TSP) under the terms of the Aviation Transport Act 2004 and Regulations 2005.

The following security measures apply at Albany Airport:

  • A valid ASIC must be worn at all times by all persons present on airside at Albany Airport.
  • Anybody airside must have an ASIC (includes hangars).
  • Passengers being escorted by an ASIC holder, for instance a pilot, are not required to have an ASIC.
  • Student pilots are not defined as passengers and must have an ASIC or a VIC.
  • The Act and Regulations provides for heavy penalties to apply to any person not wearing an ASIC.

Pilots and other aviation industry participants can apply online for an ASIC.


VIC - Visitor cards
A person not in possession of an ASIC, who is not a passenger on a flight, may be permitted airside at Albany Airport if they are wearing a VIC pass.  An example would be an engineer not usually associated with aviation performing a repair on an aircraft airside, or a student pilot who has applied for but has not yet been issued with an ASIC, would be required to show and display a VIC pass while on Albany Airport.

The terms of the VIC card are that at all times they must be escorted by an ASIC holder whilst airside. IN ALL CASES they must be under escort of an ASIC holder. This also means that a student pilot may not be dispatched on a solo flight until he/she is in possession of an ASIC.

The City of Albany as the Airport Operator will grant a delegation to issue VIC’s as agent for the City to suitably qualified aviation industry participants at the Albany Airport.

To apply for a Visitor Identification Card (VIC), pre-register your visit.

Once you have pre-registered, go to Albany Airport, Reception during office hours to collect your VIC.

If you have any questions regarding airside security and access, please contact us during officer hours.



The Naming of the Albany Airport & Terminal


John Bell Terminal


On Saturday, 16 May 1998 the Primary Industry Minister & Member for Stirling (The Hon. Monty House, MLA) named and opened the “John Bell Terminal”  at the Albany Airport.


The Primary Industry Minister said that he was privileged to officially name the John Bell Terminal after the late John Bell.


"The memory of John Bell as a respected aviation identity who contributed significantly to the Albany region will continue with the naming of the new terminal after him," Mr House said.


John Bell was Albany's well known aviator who had originally been a spotter pilot for a whaling company and was also instrumental in having the whaling station turned into a museum.



The Harry Riggs Albany Regional Airport


On Saturday, 16 May 1998 the Federal Member for Forrest (The Hon. Geoff Prosser, M.P.) officially named the Albany Regional Airport the “The Harry Riggs Albany Regional Airport”


Mr Harry Riggs, OAM had a real vision for Albany to be a tourist destination and saw the Airport as being one way to support that.


Mr Harry Riggs, OAM was a respected Shire President of the Albany Shire Council and a former Flying Officer who flew Lancaster bombers during WW II for which he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC).