Bin Collection

For enquiries about your kerbside collection service please phone Cleanaway on 1300 784 468.

Which day does my bin get collected?

What time do I put my bin out?

Please put your bin out before 6am on your collection day to avoid it being missed if there is a change of driver or route. The best time to put your bin out is the night before. Make sure you can close your bin lid!

What if my bin day falls on a public holiday?

No change.  Bins will be collected on their usual days throughout the entire year (including Christmas Day).

Which Bin for What?

General Waste Recycling Green Waste
Lid Colour Red or Blue Yellow or Dark Green Lime Green
Size 140 L 240 L 240 L
Maximum Weight 70Kg 70Kg 70Kg
Collected Weekly Fortnightly Every 4 Weeks
Should be used for.. General waste for landfill Commingled Recyclables Garden Organics
For example…


Food scraps

Clothing, textiles & rope

Broken ceramics and bric-a-brac

Polystyrene and Styrofoam

Silver-lined long-life milk and juice cartons

Tissues and paper towel

Plastic bags and wrapping (Or return to REDcycle bins at Coles and Woolworths for recycling)

Aluminium & steel cans

Glass bottles & jars (lids removed*)

Plastic bottles & containers (lids removed**)

Cardboard (flattened)

Office paper, newspapers, magazines, junk mail & phone books

*Place metal lids inside a steel can and squeeze shut before putting into your recycling bin

**Collect plastic lids in a milk bottle and put in your recycling bin when full

Recyclables must be empty and loose in your bin – NOT in bags or boxes

Garden prunings

Loose grass clippings


Weeds and flowers

Leaves and loose bark


Small branches or soft wood (no larger than 75cm in length or 10cm in diameter)

Make sure green waste is loose – no bags or boxes!
Contaminated Bins?

Keep recyclables out of your general waste bin to save valuable resources from going to landfill

Contaminated recyclables will go to landfill

Contaminated garden organics will go to landfill

Where else can I dispose of this waste?

Hanrahan Road Waste Facility

Bakers Junction Waste Facility

(Charges apply or free with waste pass distributed with rates notice)

Rural Transfer Stations (for rural residents)

Fossicker’s Tip Shop (Free for residential quantities)

Vancouver Waste

($19/m3 or free with green waste pass distributed with rates notice)