Development Services

Planning and Development Services manages a variety of teams including Rangers and Emergency Services, Planning, Building and Health services and Environmental Health.

Rangers and Emergency Services

The Ranger team's primary driver is Community Safety and this is achieved through encouraging and ensuring compliance with relevant State and Local Laws and the provision of logistical support for the Emergency Services area. Rangers monitor community compliance in a range or areas and investigate complaints. The rangers team take an education first philosophy where this is appropriate and follow this up with regulatory action including administrative controls, penalties and prosecution.

Planning Services

The City of Albany is responsible for providing a vision for the future development of Albany, as well as for assessing the planning merit of individual projects on private lots.

The Albany Local Planning Strategy draws together all of the strategies prepared in the past and provides the blueprint for the City’s growth over the next two decades.

City Planners are available to assist residents, investors and landowners with any planning inquiry and they encourage proponents to discuss their projects with staff at a preliminary stage, well before formal lodgement, to expedite the approval process.

Environmental Health

The City’s Environmental Health team monitors and manages a wide range of aspects of the natural and man-made environment that may impact public health. This includes food safety, pollution management, development control, disease control and other factors that may impact the health of our community and its visitors.

The Infrastructure and Environment Directorate comprises of three teams; City Engineering, City Operations and City Reserves and is responsible for a wide range of activities including asset management, sustainability, design & construction, waste management and reserves management.

The City of Albany is responsible for $765 million worth of public assets. These include roads, pathways, drainage, reserves and building assets. The annual budget for Works & Services is approximately $24 million and includes maintenance and capital works.