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Economic Development

Albany possesses many natural and built advantages when considered within a state, national and global context and it is now considered timely to realize the significant potential of the region.

Reflecting this, the City of Albany’s vision is to be Western Australia’s most sought after and unique Regional City to live, work and visit.

The City’s Community Strategic Plan – Albany 2023 has identified 5 key themes for the City to focus upon. “Smart, prosperous and growing” is one of these key themes and forms the platform from which the City’s Economic Development Strategy is derived.

These themes are supported by a number of strategic objectives from which strategic initiatives will be developed. The three key strategic objectives are:

Strategic Objective 1 - To strengthen and diversify our economic base.

The City of Albany's future depends on its ability to grow both socially and economically and to offer choice to its residents in all aspects of their lives. The City of Albany will use its resources to support increased opportunities by promoting economic activity that strengthen and diversify the regional economic base.

Regional Strategic Initiatives

  • Prioritise the construction of a 4/5 star hotel on the Albany waterfront and the sale and development of the Esplanade Hotel Sites as the number 1 and 2 infrastructure projects for the City of Albany and ensure these are incorporated in the Regional Blueprint.
  • Develop an Economic alliance with Denmark and Plantagenet Shires to address subregional economic development opportunities collectively.
  • Develop a subregional Tourism Development and Destination Marketing Strategy for the subregion of Denmark, Plantagenet and Albany.

Strategic Objective 2 - Employment that supports our economic growth and development.

The City of Albany’s Albany Central Area Master plan 2010 Vision for Albany’s Central Area is to become the most vibrant, safe, accessible, liveable and commercially successful neighbourhood in regional Western Australia. The aim is to create;

  • Family, pedestrian and cycle friendly
  • A unique and accessible retail experience.
  • The successful revitalisation of Albany City centre is considered essential if Albany is to reinforce and grow as the commercial and cultural hub of the Great Southern region. City centre revitalisation includes attracting investment including both upgrades to existing and the building of new commercial and residential mix infrastructure, implementing an effective retail trading policy and working cooperatively with local retailers, and delivering a range of programs and strategies that work to add vibrancy and life to the City of Albany’s central area.
  • Develop a City Centre Precinct Plan and business case that drives City centre revitalisation and investment from the public and private sectors.
  • The City Business District working group to develop a priority list of projects that can be implemented to assist in the delivery of Anzac Events in 2014 and beyond and increases place activation and community use of the City centre, centred around the Library and Town Hall.
  • Establish and promote a Free Wi-Fi Zone in the City centre focused around the Albany Regional Library grounds and surrounds.
  • Partner with the Albany Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Small Business Association to develop a retail trading strategy that leads to increased vibrancy particularly in light of the looming international and national visitor focus from major events and tourism developments.

Strategic Objective 3 - To develop and promote Albany as a unique and sought after visitor destination.


The City of Albany is a major contributor to local tourism most visibly via the direct operation/management of the Albany Visitor Centre, the Albany Regional Airport and various visitor attractions including the Princess Royal Fortress and the Award winning National Anzac Centre. In addition the City of Albany allocates some $75,000 per annum towards tourism destination development and marketing budget and leverages this amount by working cooperatively with the local industry, Albany Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Australia’s South West regional tourism organisation and other government agencies.

Work cooperatively with REX Airlines to increase flight frequency and capacity particularly with discounted packaged leisure options.

Develop an iconic Heritage and Tourism precinct at Mt Adelaide and Mt Clarence (Albany Heritage Park) and develop and market the visitor experience to an international standard.

Complete the Trails and Cycle Strategies and commence the development of infrastructure to a level that the City becomes a nationally and internationally recognized Cycle City and Trails destination capable of hosting events and attracting visitors.

Tourism Events

The Council is also involved in the planning, provision and management of community activities, services and infrastructure that are shared by residents and visitors. These include parks and reserves, roads, water management, pedestrian and streetscape improvements, and public amenities such as toilets, bikeways and parking areas. Council also owns and leases a number of tourist commercial accommodation facilities and attractions and contributes to tourism related initiatives on a project style basis. Council’s central role in tourism also includes acting as the consenting authority for most development applications and is responsible for decisions related to land use planning.

Tourism Planning and Partnerships

The staging of major special events has the ability to produce a wide range of significant economic and social benefits for communities and is considered a major promotional tool for successful tourism destination development. Special events increase the opportunities for new expenditure within a host region by attracting visitors to that destination and by also retaining the expenditure of locals who may have spend their leisure dollars elsewhere. Special events should be used to attract visitors during the quieter or shoulder periods of a tourist season to boost demand for local accommodation, tourism and hospitality service providers. A major special event attracts significant number of visitors from outside the region and is more than just a local festival; it must possess substantial drawing power.

Identify and secure events to Albany that has the ability to generate significant economic impact and align with our community strategic plan and build on our natural advantages and our Brand.

Develop a new Community Funding and Event Sponsorship Program that encourages community based and significant events to deliver events within the City of Albany.

Take the lead role in the development and delivery of Anzac Centenary Events that maximize the City of Albany’s economic outcomes whilst reducing reputational risk from poor visitor experiences. Where possible events and event supporting infrastructure are to leave a legacy.

Tourism Coastal Assets

A large number of Albany’s competitive advantages relate directly to its natural and built coastal assets. Effective long term strategic planning for its various coastal precincts is considered essential to providing a conducive and attractive investment environment. Without this investment platform it is difficult for government agencies and private sector partners to work together cooperatively and to understand one another’s priorities. The City of Albany will show strong local leadership by investigating the planning and development of Middleton Beach precinct that encourages sustainable investment.

Develop our coastal camping reserves to a standard that attracts recreational camping visitations whilst protecting the natural environment and market these assets as part of the City of Albany’s existing holiday planner and visitor website.

Awards for economic development & Tourism

The 2014 WA Heritage Awards

Winner Interpretation Project Category for the Princess Royal Forts.

Winner National Anzac Centre - Heritage Tourism Product.

Finalist - Stirling Terrace Enhancement Conservation or Adaptive Re – use of a State Registered place.

The Australian Tourism Awards

Silver - New Tourism Business - National Anzac Centre

The 2015 WA Tourism Awards

Gold - New Tourism Business - National Anzac Centre.

Gold Local Government Award for Tourism

Bronze – Festival and Events - ANZAC Albany.