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Small Business Continuity Planning

Small Business Continuity Planning

The 2015 Premiers Awards for Excellence in Public Sector Management

Winner - Anzac Albany for Revitalising the Regions

The 2015 Australian Regional Development Conference and Innovation Awards

Winner Economic Development Award

Qantas Australian Tourism Awards

Silver - New Tourism Business - National Anzac Centre.

Small Business Friendly Local Government Charter

As part of they City's commitment to supporting our local business community we are delighted to announce that we have signed the Small Business Friendly Local Governments Charter. This new initiative, developed by the Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC), formally recognises local governments that are demonstrating, or working towards, ‘better practice’ in engaging with their small business community. By signing the Charter we have committed to small businesses by:

  • offering enhanced customer service
  • reducing red tape
  • making on-time payments
  • having a process in place to handle disputes

Specific measures the City has committed to include:

  • enhancing the relationship and interaction with existing business entities within the city
  • continuing to engage neighbouring local governments on common interest to maximise the regional benefits to the City
  • promoting the City of Albany's small businesses through various promotional and informative materials, networks and media

The City of Albany is proud to be ‘small business friendly’. 

For more information about the Small Business Friendly Local Governments initiative, please visit the SBDC website