We Were Australian In Peronne Exhibition

Past Event

During his recent visit in September 2018 to sister city Péronne in the north of France, Mayor Dennis Wellington accepted the offer to exhibit We Were Australian In Péronne.

Travelling to Albany this April for Anzac Day, the exhibition is based on photographic material from the Australian War Memorial, the municipal museum of Péronne traces the route of Australian soldiers in 1918 in the sector of Péronne and Mont-Saint-Quentin. The photographs supplement the testimonies of Australian soldiers in order to address all aspects of the conflict: violence of war, daily life, relationship with civilians, death and the return home.

There is also a 10 minute film titled ‘The Australians Final Campaign in 1918’, where actual footage of Australian’s in the Western Front and their exploits during the final months of the war.

The exhibition will be on display at the Princess Royal Fortress Military Museum from 18th April until 17th November in the Married Quarters; an 1899 stone and brick building is located near the summit of Mt Adelaide. Conservation work has recently finished on the building’s West Wing where it is now ready for public exhibits.

Event Details

Venue: Married Quarters, Princess Royal Fortress, Mount Clarence WA 6330

Event Date(s)

  • Wednesday 28th August 2019

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