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Public Health Plan

Public Health Plan 2018-2022

The City of Albany’s Public Health Plan (PHP) is a five year strategic plan providing a framework to improve the health and wellbeing of its community. The plan aligns with the City of Albany’s Strategic Plan and provides direction and framework for other plans and policies, such as the Age Friendly Plan, Local Planning Scheme, etc.

The purpose of this Public Health Plan (PHP) is to protect, improve and promote public health and wellbeing amongst all residents in the City of Albany. It aims to support all members of the community, across all life stages to achieve good health and wellbeing outcomes across a range of identified priority health issues.

Public Health Plan 2018 to 2022

Compassionate Communities Program

The City of Albany in partnership with WA Primary Health Alliance is working together to support communities to recognise the needs of people who are approaching end of life. The three key components of this support are:

  • Compassionate and resilient communities;
  • Practical support; and
  • Strengthening the role of volunteers and carers.

Heart Safe Program

The Albany Heart Safe Program was developed in 2013 and has led to the installation of over 100 life-saving defibrillators across the Albany community. St John Ambulance has further extended this program to not only increase the number of defibrillators in our community but to also improve the access to the devices during an emergency. 

The majority of Albany's defibrillators are now available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the use of a special outdoor cabinet. Access to the cabinets will be provided by 000 during an emergency.

To see the nearest defibrillator to your location download the St John First Responder app. This FREE app provides comprehensive first aid guides, a directory of defibrillator locations, and a "call 000' feature that automatically sends your exact GPS location to the St John Ambulance State Operations Centre when calling within WA.  

For more information on the First Responder app click on the link below:

First Responder App - Frequently Asked Questions