Public Health Plan 2018-2022

The City of Albany’s Public Health Plan (PHP) is a five year strategic plan providing a framework to improve the health and wellbeing of its community. The plan aligns with the City of Albany’s Strategic Plan and provides direction and framework for other plans and policies, such as the Age Friendly Plan, Local Planning Scheme, etc.

The purpose of this Public Health Plan (PHP) is to protect, improve and promote public health and wellbeing amongst all residents in the City of Albany. It aims to support all members of the community, across all life stages to achieve good health and wellbeing outcomes across a range of identified priority health issues.

Public Health Plan 2018 to 2022

Special Projects

Age Friendly Charter

The City of Albany in partnership with WA Primary Health Alliance launched the Age-Friendly Charter 2019- 2022. The Age Friendly Charter aims to provide a future road map that reflects the voice of our older community members. The special project aimed to develop a collaborative charter in the Lower Great Southern to shape and strengthen the health system and broader community.

The Charter was complete with extensive community consultation, and the WA Primary Health Alliance is encouraging more signatories for communities to adopt the charter as a platform to support a resilient, vibrant and prosperous region where everyone is valued and respected.To view the Charter click here.

Compassionate Communities Program

The City of Albany in partnership with WA Primary Health Alliance is working together to support communities to recognise the needs of people who are approaching end of life. The three key components of this support are:

  • Compassionate and resilient communities;
  • Practical support; and
  • Strengthening the role of volunteers and carers.

The Dying to Know Program was a month of free activities, with funding support from the Brandenburg Foundation. The activities aimed to  increase education and awareness about end of life matters through the arts. These included:

  • Permission to Die Art Exhibition;
  • Dying to Know Day:
  • Sensory Experience Kit Launch. The kits were developed by Soroptimist International Albany with the City of Albany, to support people with dementia. The kits will showcased in the library on Monday 16 September at 12.30pm; and
  • Love Is Listening: The Dementia Without Loneliness - film and Q&A session was held at the Albany Entertainment Centre.

Compassionate Cities Charter

Following this increase in awareness and the strengthening of partnerships within the City, work is currently focussed on developing a Compassionate Cities Charter in partnership with the WA Primary Health Alliance. The aim is to encourage communities to play a much stronger role in the care of people at end of life, and their families and carers through illness, dying, death and bereavement.

Allan Kellehear describes it beautifully, he says, "A city is not merely a place to work and access services but equally a place to enjoy support in the safety and protection of each other's company, in schools, workplaces, places of worship and recreation, in cultural forums and social networks anywhere within the City's influence even to the end of our days."

To hear more from the City of Albany Mayor, Dennis Wellington on the subject: Better Health Together: Compassionate Communities

To find out more about the Compassionate Communities Project on the WA Primary Health Alliance webpage: Compassionate Communities