Your City

This is Your City

 This is your City

Everything we do, we do for our community

We all love Albany. It’s our home, it’s part of the family and it’s a big family.

The City of Albany and its Mayor, councillors and staff are part of that family too. Our people are passionate. They love their work and they care about their community.

They fight fires. They make sandwiches for junior footballers. They drive ambulances. They are swimming coaches. They are Bushcarers. They are Girl Guide leaders. They count birds and possums. They rescue injured turtles.

They also work hard in their jobs to make your city a place you can be proud to call home.

We have 38,000 residents with a diverse range of needs and expectations and it’s our job to deliver these for the community.

You know we build and fix roads. You know we manage and maintain public facilities like Albany Leisure and Aquatic Centre. But there is a lot we do that you may be surprised is the responsibility of your local government.

Recycling, firefighting, lawn mowing, community events, rehoming lost pets, planting trees and much, much more are all services we provide to the community.

These wide ranging services and facilities help create a community with a quality of life that makes your city a great place to live.

This is Your City and we want to introduce you to some of the people who are part of Albany's big family and what they do for your community.

You can learn more about our people, their passions, and the work they do by liking the City of Albany Facebook page or downloading the free City of Albany App.

Your City videos

More to 'Your City' than meets the eye

A lot happens at the City of Albany. Like rehoming or reuniting 480 pets last financial year, planting 2,523 trees and maintaining another 8,700 street trees, mowing 30,000km of lawn, providing 2003 man hours responding to fires, or collecting 1,270,880 bins – that’s a lot of bins. This is just a snapshot of what we do for our community.

This is Nat

Meet Nat, our Customer Services Supervisor. Nat is one of the friendly faces that greet you when you visit the City of Albany's office on North Road. With more than 5,260 customer service requests to the City last year, Nat's team is kept pretty busy, but they're always happy to help.

Here are some of the ways Nat helps you connect with Your City

This is Tammy

Meet Tammy, our Senior Community Development Officer. She is passionate about Albany. A lot of Tammy's work happens behind the scenes, like coordinating the public CCTV network and working with our police to make Albany's streets safer by adding 20 new cameras to the network last year.

Here are some ways Tammy's work supports your community

This is Scott

Meet Scott, our Manager of Building, Health & Compliance. Scott is a busy guy managing three teams at the City of Albany. When he’s not buzzing around controlling mosquitos, he’s helping his team ensure the community is healthy and safe. Last year Scott’s team processed 955 building permits and completed 406 health inspections.

Here are some of the ways Scott keeps Your City safe

This is Simone

Simone organises our community events each year and helps the RSL deliver their annual commemorative program. When Simone isn't running an event she's busy looking after her two ginger ninjas by taking them to footy, or taekwondo, or basketball. She's a busy lady, luckily she has a great team to help her. 

Here are some of the ways Simone keeps our community connected

This is Julie

Julie is our Waste Sustainability Officer. She ensures the City of Albany is leading the way when it comes to being clean, green and sustainable. Julie organises community workshops, promotes recycling initiatives and her team look after Fossicker's Tip Shop. Julie is passionate about sustainability and she's passionate about Albany. She's part of Your City.

Here are some of the ways Julie keeps our city clean, green & sustainable

This is Rob & Andrew

Rob is the City's Senior Civil Engineering Officer and Andrew is the Building Infrastructure Officer. Most services the City provides to the community every day are supported by assets. Roads to get to work, footpaths to walk to school, parks to play in, pipes to prevent flooding and buildings for the community to use. It's a tall order!

Here are some of the ways Rob and Andrew maintain the assets of your city

This is Soraya

Soraya helps make Albany Public Library the warm and welcoming place we love. Her team are kept busy making sure you can use a computer, read a book, join in Book Chat or bring your child along to the Library’s Rhyme or Storytime sessions. Last financial year, the library loaned more than 350,000 items, almost 10,000 more than the year before!

Here are some of the ways Soraya helps you connect with your city

This is Letitia

With more than 340 families enrolled at Albany Regional Daycare, Letitia and her team have a big job! From changing nappies, to arts and crafts and sing-a-longs, the Daycare staff are passionate about the early education of the children of our city.

Here are some of the ways Letitia supports the families of our city

This is Kym

Kym works hard to make sure the pets of your city are well looked after, and if they need it, she finds a new home for them. Kym and the Ranger team rehomed and reunited more than 480 animals last year! From closing the beach after a shark sighting, to making sure your property is bushfire ready, our Rangers are passionate about keeping our community safe. 

This is Jacqui

Jacqui is our Manager of City Reserves. Jacqui and her team make sure our lawn is mowed, trees are trimmed, coastal campgrounds are looked after and that our park and bushland is protected. It's important stuff, our Reserves team are responsible for 43 playgrounds and care for more than 8,700 street trees. 

Here are some of the ways Jacqui manages the reserves of your city

This is Tanja

Did you know that more than 250,000 people have visited the National Anzac Centre since it opened in November 2014? On average 5,000 people visit the Centre each month which means Tanja and her team have their hands full! 

Here are some of the ways Tanja helps you connect with the history of Your City

This is Jacob

Jacob is Albany Leisure and Aquatic Centre's 'facilitator of fun'. Each term Jacob works to pull together more than 30 exciting activities for the Active Albany program. Jacob is passionate about creating fun and diverse programs for you and your family to enjoy. 

Here are some of the ways Jacob keeps your city active.

This is Sue

Sue is our Local History Co-ordinator. Sue is passionate about preserving and promoting Albany's unique heritage. You'll often find her in the History Collection's archives or sharing stories with members of our community. 

Here are some of the ways Sue preserves the history of your city

This is Ryan

Ryan coordinates major projects like the Centennial Park sporting precinct and Albany Airport patient transfer building to make sure we have modern, practical facilities to enjoy. 

Here are some of the ways Ryan constructs your city

This is your Council

This is Dennis, Ray, Paul, Rebecca, Greg, Emma, Bill, Tracy, John, Alison, Sandie, Rob and Anthony. They are your Council. They are elected by you to represent your city.

Here are some of the ways your Council helps Your City

This is Brendan

This is Brendan. Brendan and the emergency management team work hard to keep Albany safe. They ensure you are prepared in the event of an emergency, and work with local bushfire brigade volunteers to protect Albany.

Here are some of the ways Brendan protects Your City

This is Bruce

This is Bruce. Bruce and his team work to maintain more than 1,600km of roads and road shoulders, 422km of drains, 13,590 drainage pits, 165km of pathways and much more.

Here are some of the ways Bruce maintains Your City.

This is Jude

This is Jude. Jude works with your local sport and recreation groups to ensure they provide high-quality activities for you and your family.

Here are some of the ways Jude supports the clubs of Your City.

This is Dean

This is Dean. Dean is responsible for our public toilets and barbeques located in more than 110 parks and reserves and each year he installs the Christmas decorations in the CBD. 

Here are some of the ways Dean maintains the buildings of Your City

This is Frazer

This is Frazer. You probably haven’t met Frazer but his job is important when it comes to ensuring the City of Albany can provide you with great customer service.

Here are some of the ways Frazer supports Your City

This is Amber

This is Amber. Amber and her team at Vancouver Arts Centre work to build creativity and culture within Your City by curating and commissioning exhibitions, hosting artists in residence, organising the Vancouver Street Festival and much more.

Here are some of the ways Amber supports the artists of Your City.

Your City's Sustainable Heroes

 Sustainable Heroes

Making Albany cleaner and greener

Albany is full of wonderful people who are doing great things for their community and the environment.

From pulling weeds and dyeing clothes with avocado skins, to recycling batteries and cleaning up our beaches, there are passionate people doing their best in Albany’s war on waste and pollution.

We call them our Sustainable Heroes, ordinary people making small changes for a big impact on our future.

Proudly presented by the City of Albany and Cleanaway, these Sustainable Heroes will educate and inspire you to help make Albany cleaner and greener by sharing tips and tricks to adopt more environmentally friendly habits.

It's fun, simple and something we can all do.

Sustainable Heroes videos

The Battery Recycling Hero

Hi, I'm Addison. Did you know that Australians buy about 345 million handheld batteries every year? Crazy, huh! That's a lot of precious metals that can be recycled. I started collecting our batteries at home to help my school fill a bucket, and then my Dad said he had some at work. Turns out he had 14 kilos of batteries!

The Walking School Bus

Hi, I'm Anj! A walking school bus is a bus powered by legs rather than an engine. The bus travels along a set route to and from school, picking up or dropping off children from designated 'bus stops'.

It's a great way to get kids active, while helping to reduce congestion in the school car parks.

The Waste Reduction Queen

Hi, I'm Tess! Waste reduction is a key part of my life.

I'm currently working on a project called afterlife where I dye textiles with food waste, but there's way easier ways to reduce your waste than that. Watch the video to catch my top five tips!

The Sustainable School Heroes

Hi, I'm Laura and this is Stephen. 

We work with schools to teach students, teachers and parents about how to be sustainable in their everyday lives. Catch the video for 5 special things about Albany schools!

The Composting Guru

Hi, I'm Yann and I love getting my hands dirty!

By composting our food scraps instead of sending them to landfill, we can literally start to rebuild the earth that sustains us. 

Watch the video to learn how!

Boomerang Bag Heroes of Albany

Hi, I'm Kylie and this is Joan. 

Boomerang Bags is a great community initiative that aims to reduce plastic pollution by providing reusable shopping bags made from upcycled textile waste!

Watch the video to learn more!

Plastic Free July Hero

Hi, I'm Rachel!

I started doing Plastic Free July in 2013 and turned it into Plastic Free Forever!

Watch this video for my top simple plastic switches!

Clean Up Albany Heroes

Hi, I'm Alice and this is Rhonda. 

Albany's beaches are some of the best in the world, and we're focused on keeping them that way!

I started cleaning up Middleton Beach by taking a small bucket or bag with me to the beach and filling it with the rubbish I found. Not, I help to organise beach and street clean ups. 

If you'd like to adopt-a-spot to keep litter free, visit the Keep Australia Beautiful WA website here:

The Young Naturalists

Say hi to the Young Naturalists!

They're a club at the Museum of the Great Southern, and have a thirst for knowledge, enjoy the great outdoors and are passionate about the environment.

Watch the video to learn more!

Bushcare Hero of Albany

Hi, I'm Justin and I'm a member of the Albany Bushcarers Group.

Here's three ways you can get involved and help keep our bushland pristine.


Cycling Hero of Albany

Meet Geoff, the Cycling Hero of Albany!

Armed with pedal power he's ready and racing. Watch the video to find out his top five reasons why cycling is the way to go!

Sustainable Heroes is proudly supported by the City of Albany and Cleanaway

Recycling Hero of Albany

Meet Dave, Albany's Recycling Hero!

He makes sure his waste is sorted correctly so it's can be recycled well!

Watch the video for all of his tips, as well as some great information about recycling in Albany.

Watch this video from Cleanaway to see how your recycling is sorted in Albany!

Sustainable Heroes is proudly presented by the City of Albany and Cleanaway