City of Albany Event Partnership Program

The City of Albany Community Events Program provides multifaceted events that offer opportunities for both cultural engagement and participation and has significant attendance by many sectors of the community and the Great Southern region.

The portfolio of free community events delivered by the City include the annual Christmas Festival & Pageant, New Year’s Eve Family Picnic & Fireworks, and the Middleton Beach Festival.

These events play an important role in the cultural fabric of our community and provide significant cultural, economic and social benefit. They act to bring people together and foster a shared sense of place for the region, celebrating the diversity of our people, place and experiences.

An important catalyst for tourism and economic development, events raise the profile and reputation of our destination and deliver economic benefit through local spend and repeat visitation. They encourage social wellbeing and connectedness, facilitating community participation and pride.

The City of Albany Event Partnership Program aims to build publicity and engagement via a mix of traditional print methods, innovative social media and digital elements to increase your organisation’s brand recognition within the community by supporting the events.

For more information, please contact the City of Albany’s Events team on 6820 3031 or email