Parking spaces in the Albany CBD are limited. The City’s Parking Scheme is designed to provide equitable access and a balanced use of this resource for is provided for local residents and visitors to Albany.

The time allowed for parking varies significantly between locations throughout the Albany CBD. Please read and take note of parking signs that apply to where you intend to park. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have selected a bay that allows parking in that position for the time required to conduct your business.

The City seeks community compliance with parking restrictions. Regular parking inspections are conducted and drivers who park illegally may be issued with a warning or infringement notice, or prosecution action may be taken to gain compliance.

Where to Park

For information on where you can and can’t park in the Albany CBD, please click on the link below.

Albany CBD Parking Scheme Map

Where not to Park

Signs or street marking indicate where drivers are permitted to park their vehicles.

Special parking zones are provided for certain types of vehicles. These include loading zones, taxi bays and bus stops. Please note that passenger vehicles are generally not permitted to use these bays. Likewise parking on a footpath or in a "no standing" area is not permitted.

Remember to also check road markings. For example, an unbroken yellow line indicates a no standing zone which includes both adjacent carriage way and the road verge.

For more information, see the Parking and Parking Facilities Local Law 2012.

Parking for People with Disabilities

There are numerous bays that are reserved for people with disabilities who display a valid ACROD permit.

ACROD permit holders are entitled to park in a non-ACROD bay for double the sign-posted time limit if they are displaying their valid ACROD permit

The penalty for parking in a disabled parking bay without a valid ACROD permit is an on-the-spot fine of $300 (or a court imposed penalty of up to $2,000.).

For more information visit the ACROD Parking Program website.