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Contact Details

Postal Address
I have read and understood the event planning guidelines *

Event Details

Is the event raising money for charity?
Are you a community group or organisation?


Location of event
Please note, by booking a venue, the City of Albany can ensure that the location is not double-booked and that routine maintenance of park grounds is not in progress. This booking for not guarantee exclusive use. These areas are public spaces and the Crown Land Reserves Act does not allow for exclusive use. Do you understand?

Marketing Details

The City of Albany may be able to help you promote your event. We retain a range of promotional channels including social media, websites and newsletter. Promotion through the City of Albany is not guaranteed. It's subject to approval and space restrictions. The final decision is at the discretion of the City of Albany. I have read and understood. *
I have included promotional material *

Environmental Health

Is this event open to the public? *
Will there be food available at your event? *
Please note, if food is being provided please ensure a continuous power source is available to all vendors that require it e.g. 15 amp is not compliant to plug food and beverage vans into domestic power points. You may be required to hire a commercial generator for this purpose. Power boards and double adaptors are not permitted. Fire extinguishers must be provided with all generators. Do you agree to abide by these conditions? *
Is this an alcohol free event?
I have attached a copy of the liquor licence from the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor

Noise Management

Will there be amplified noise? (i.e. music, buskers, public address system, generators)

Temporary Structures

Will your event include temporary structures?
Please note, a Form 2 - Application for certificate of approval will be required for each structure over 3x3 metres square. The Event Approval and Project Officer will provide when event approval is granted. *
Will your event include amusements? (i.e. amusement rides, petting zoo, etc)

Signage and Fencing

Will your event have temporary signage?
Will your event include boundary, crowd control fencing or barriers installed?

Sustainability and Waste Management

Will your event require additional waste and recycling bins?
Did you know: The City of Albany's Event Recycling Trailer is available free of charge for community events. or more information and to book the trailer, you need to contact the City's contractor Cleanaway on 9841 2467.

Peak Bodies

Is your event sanctioned by a peak body?


Will there be overnight camping as part of your event?


Are there public toilets available at or near your event location?

Traffic Management

Once your traffic management plan has been approved by the City of Albany, you may also need to seek approval from Police and Main Roads.
Will there be road closures, traffic modifications, additional parking or a transport network (i.e. buses)?
I have attached all relevant permits/traffic management plans
Tip: Encouraging patrons to walk, cycle or carpool to you event can ease traffic congestion. Consider promoting these alternatives in your event advertising.

Reserves and Services

Do you require connection to the City's electrical power? Power is not available at all locations. Electricity consumption for 3 phase connections for high impact event may be cahrged at 100% of cost. *
Will you be providing your own power/generators?
Please note, all power producing equipment must be accompanied by a fire extinguisher. A Form 5 Certificate of electrical compliance is to be signed by a suitably qualified electrician. This form will be provided by the Event Approval and project Officer on approval.
Do you require connection to the City's water supply? Please note: water is not available at all sites. *
Do you require access to locaked bollard/gate areas?

Community Engagement

Are there residential propoerties and/or businesses adjacent to the event site?

Other Associated Activities

Are there activities that have not been mentioned? (e.g. fireworks, aerial display, drone activity etc.)

Site Map

Ensure the following are indicated clearly on your locations site map (tick all that apply):

Public Liability Insurance

In accordance with the Event Approval Guidelines, event organisers may be required to provide evidence of Public Liability Insurance to the value of $20 million.
Do you have Public Liability Insurance that covers the event?

Emergency Management Details

Depending on the size, location and the time of your event you may be required to provide a full Emergency Management Plan including Evacuation and Communication plans.

First Aid/Ambulance

Will you have an ambulance on site? *
Will you have a first aid person on site? *
Please note, first aid staff can only have that role for the duration of the event. Please ensure that your nominated persons certification is current prior to your event.

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