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Autumn 2023 Feral Animal Control

Published on Wednesday, 15 March 2023 at 2:53:10 PM

Rabbit Virus Release

The City of Albany is continuing its program of controlling wild rabbits by engaging a contractor to release the RHDV1 Cz V351 strain of the calicivirus.  Releases will occur in late March / early April at various sites including Emu Point, Collingwood Heights, Lower King, Kalgan, Torbay and Robinson.  This release compliments previous releases across the City of Albany by various landowners and land managers.


There are multiple strains of RHDV already present throughout Australia.  RHDV1 has been used in Australia since 1996 and only affects rabbits and hares.  It is not harmful to native animals, humans, or domestic pets other than rabbits.  The virus can be spread by direct contact between rabbits or by insect vectors.


To help protect your pet rabbits:

  • vaccinate your rabbits;
  • keep rabbits in insect-proof enclosures or inside the house;
  • avoid contact with unfamiliar rabbits; and
  • regularly disinfect pet enclosures.


Fox Trapping - Mount Melville and Lake Seppings

Fox trapping will also be occurring in late March / early April on Mount Melville and Lake Seppings. Cage traps and soft-foot traps will be used in the vicinity of recent fox activity.  Warning signs will be installed to notify reserve users of the trapping program and remind them that dogs must be kept on a leash in these reserves.  Temporary track closures will be implemented where soft-foot traps are used.  Soft-foot traps are designed not to harm animals caught, with non-target animals being released if found.  Traps will be set for the entire 5-night / six-day trapping period.