City Rabbit Control Continues

published on Thursday, 12 November 2020 at 11:22:37 AM

The City of Albany is continuing its program of controlling rabbits within the Albany town site by engaging a contractor to re-release the RHDV1-K5 strain of the calicivirus.  Releases are occurring this month at Emu Point, Albany Golf Course, Middleton Beach, Mount Adelaide, Southern Port land and Peace Park on Albany’s foreshore.  Releases at these sites compliment the multiple other releases that are occurring across the City of Albany and beyond that are being coordinated by South Coast Natural Resource Management until the remaining stocks of the calicivirus is used.  Two large rabbit warrens along the Luke Pen walk on the Kalgan River will also be fumigated to compliment a release of the virus by a private landowner in the same area.


There are multiple strains of RHDV1 and RHDV2 already present throughout Australia, which play an important role in supressing pest rabbit numbers.  The RHDV1-K5 strain was first released in 2017, with new releases scheduled each spring and autumn at numerous locations throughout Western Australia.  RHDV only affects rabbits and hares.  It is not harmful to native animals, humans, or domestic pets other than rabbits.  The virus can be spread by direct contact between rabbits or by insect vectors.  Under optimal conditions, the virus can persist up to several weeks in the environment (e.g. soil, pasture, hay and clothing).


To help protect your pet:

  • Keep rabbits in insect-proof enclosures or inside the house
  • Avoid contact with unfamiliar rabbits
  • Have good insect control
  • Regularly disinfect pet enclosures

The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) website and the Department of Primary Industry and Regional Development’s RHDV web pages provide further advice how you can protect pet rabbits.


For more information, please contact Sandra Maciejewski, Reserves (Natural) Officer, on (08) 6820 3960. 

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