Oyster Harbour Foreshore Management Plan

published on Tuesday, 14 September 2021 at 2:49:51 PM

The City is preparing a Foreshore Management Plan (FMP) for Oyster Harbour between the Emu Point Marina and Emu Point Cafe. The FMP will provide recommendations on appropriate land uses and functions that respond to changing coastline.

Project Boards will be on display at the Albany Public Library, City of Albany - North Road Office, and at the BBQ enclosure adjacent to the Emu Point Cafe.

 Representatives will be present:

1st October Emu Point Sporting Club 5-7pm

2nd October Outside the Emu Point Café 9.30am - 12pm

Documentation will be available on the City of Albany website https://www.albany.wa.gov.au/council/projects/live-projects.aspx

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