Water Corporation Bridge Works

Published: Tuesday, 17 March 2020 at 1:18:26 PM

Water Corporation are undertaking essential work on bridges in the following locations:

  • Catt Road
  • Freeborough Road
  • Thomas Road
  • Dawson Road
  • Morley Road

What is happening?

Water Corporation will soon commence work to replace timber bridges with concrete structures, designed to provide long term safety and functionality for all road users.

When is this work happening?

The start date and duration for this work is still to be finalised, however it is expected to be completed between March and June, 2020.

An updated schedule will be provided prior to construction commencing.

What impact will this work have?

While the bridges will be closed during construction, temporary bypasses will be constructed next to the current bridge. The temporary bypass may not be suitable for heavy vehicles, so please contact us to discuss any specific needs you may have.

  • Thomas Road bridge, Kronkup will be closed to public for the entire duration of bridge replacement work. A gated bypass will be constructed for use by local farmers to minimise their detour routes and for use in emergency by DFES;
  • Morley Road bridge, Youngs Siding will be closed for the entire duration of bridge replacement work as well.
  • Catt Road bridge, Youngs Siding, Freeborough Road bridge, Youngs Siding and Dawson Road bridge, Youngs Siding will have their temporary bypasses for public use.

 Who can I contact? 

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