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Planning Services

The City of Albany is responsible for providing a vision for the future development of Albany, as well as for assessing the planning merit of individual projects on private lots.

Development is guided not only by state legislation, policies and guidelines but also by local policies and guidelines. See our Planning Strategies for more information on how local development is guided.

The City of Albany Local Planning Scheme 1 provides the legal framework against which individual development proposals will be considered, along with relevant policies and guidelines. The Local Planning Scheme 1 is composed of the Scheme Text and the Scheme Maps. If these indicate that you need approval for your development you will need to lodge an application and it will be assessed by one of our planning officers.

The City of Albany Planning Services team is available to assist residents, developers and landowners with any planning enquiry. You are encouraged to discuss your projects with our staff well before formal lodgement, to ensure your application progresses as quickly as possible.

We have a 'one stop shop' service available at the customer service area of the City of Albany North Road administration building. This counter is open from 9:00am until 4:00pm Monday to Friday to assist with all health, building and planning enquiries. These three areas are linked in many ways and our staff are able to advise you if you should address any building or health issues at the first enquiry point.  We do recommend phoning ahead to make an appointment, alternatively we may be able to assist you over the phone.

The zoning of your property is the first check point, from there it can be determined if the work or use you propose is permitted and/or needs planning approval; and what policies apply to your lot.

For more detailed discussion about planning matters, a meeting can be arranged with a Planning Officer. Please contact one of our friendly staff on 6820 3040 or email [email protected].

Useful links:

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Planning Information Sheets, Checklists and Fee Schedule

If you are required to obtain development approval you must complete the Application for Development Approval form, which is included below with its accompanying check sheet.

If you are unsure whether you are also required to complete the Adjoining Owners Comment Form or the Additional Information for Development Approval for Advertisements please contact the planning team on 6820 3040 or email [email protected].

For more information about signs and advertising signage please see our signs page.

Application for Development Approval Form

Development Application Checklist

Planning: Additional Information for Development Approval for Advertisements

Adjoining Owners Comment Form - Development Applications Requiring Assessment

Adjoining Owners Comment Information Sheet

Planning Services Fees 2022/2023

Application for Extractive Industry Licence