Planning Strategies

Over the next 20 years the population of the City of Albany will grow and the lifestyle that residents currently enjoy needs to be protected.

The adopted Albany Local Planning Strategy provides the blueprint for that growth and is reviewed every five years to ensure it continues to reflect sound planning principles and community expectations.

The Albany Local Planning Strategy also reflects the objectives of the State Planning Strategy and the Lower Great Southern Strategy prepared by the Western Australian Planning Commission.

Albany Local Planning Strategy

For information on the Albany Local Planning Strategy (together with map) please view the documents below. The Lower Great Southern Planning Strategy 2016 can be viewed by clicking on this link from the Department of Planning website.

Albany Local Planning Strategy

Albany Local Planning Strategy Map 9A

State Planning Strategy

Information on the State Planning Strategy can be viewed on the Department of Planning website.

Activity Centres Planning Strategy

The purpose of the Activity Centres Planning Strategy is to help ensure that Albany's Activity Centres contribute to making the City economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

Activity Centres Planning Strategy

Albany Central Area Masterplan

The Albany Central Area Masterplan sets out a 20 year vision for the future growth of the town centre. The Masterplan will assist in co-ordinating the revitalisation of key sites, streets and facilities, whilst at the same time maintaining, protecting and enhancing the built and natural heritage that make Albany unique.

Albany Central Area Masterplan 2010