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The City of Albany is responsible for ensuring advertising signage is consistent in design and quality and that it does not cause any hazards or obstructions to pedestrians or motorists.

Advertising Signage

How to apply


Signage is used for the purpose of advertising and includes advertisements and advertising devices. These include any object or structure which advertises businesses, functions, operations, developments etc. Please refer to our enquiry counter at North Road for assistance.

Do I need approval?    

Planning - If your sign does not meet the design standards in the Signs Local Planning Policy (see document link below), then you will need development approval in the form of a Development Application. For a full list of signs which are exempt, see Schedule 5 of the Local Planning Scheme No. 1.

Please note: Where development approval is needed, this should be obtained prior to applying for a sign licence.

Building - A sign licence is required for all signs unless it is mentioned as exempt in the City of Albany's Signs Local Law (see document link below).

What do I need to submit?       


  • Completed Application for Development Approval Form and Additional information for Development Approval Advertisements. Refer to Planning Services page to download these forms.
  • Relevant fees - refer to the Planning Services Fees on Planning Services page.
  • Two copies of site plan - show location of sign.
  • Two copies of floor plan - if appropriate.
  • One copy of elevations - showing dimensions and location of all signs.


  • Completed and signed Sign Licence Application form (see below).
  • Relevant fees - $70 per sign.
  • One copy of plans drawn to scale of not less than 1:50 showing size, position, design and inscription to appear, the method of construction and fixing of the sign for which the license is sought.
  • Detailed Structural drawings (signed by a Practicing Structural Engineer).

Planning: Signs Policy

Sign Licence Application