Green Waste

Green Waste

Green Waste Bins

The City of Albany provides a four-weekly green waste collection service for all urban residential properties. Green waste from your garden is a valuable resource! The garden organics from your bin are transported to a local facility and composted before being as added to soil improvers for home and agricultural use.

What goes in my Green Waste bin?

The lime-green lidded bin is for your green waste including plant material, leaves, prunings, grass clippings and small branches.

Going FOGO in 2021

Albany’s residential bin collection service will be adapted to become a Food Organics & Garden Organics (FOGO) system in the first half of 2021. Going FOGO means that food scraps and other organic waste like animal droppings and shredded paper will go in your lime green lidded bin, along with your garden waste, for composting. 

You can find more information here on the coming FOGO system, including how to get a Green Waste bin if you don't already have one. 


It is important to make sure that only green waste is placed in the bin. Placing incorrect items in the bin is called contamination. Contamination can prevent your green waste being processed into compost and sends it to landfill instead. Make sure you give your green waste the best chance of becoming compost by keep contamination out.

Information on Bin Days & Bulk Collections

Excess Green Waste Disposal

If you’ve had a garden clean-up and have too much green waste to fit in your bin you can take your garden prunings to:

Soil Solutions

21 John St, Milpara

Phone: (08) 9845 7688

Cost: $20.00 / m3*

*Each year ratepayers receive a pass that entitles them to one free entry to the green waste depot.

Hanrahan Waste Facility does NOT accept Green Waste unless it is contaminated. 

*Each year rate payers receive a pass that entitles them to one free entry to the green waste depot.