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Beam Mobility have brought their hirable e-scooters to the streets of Albany on a 12 month trial. 

The e-scooters can be found in docking stations across the City, within the designated 'Ride Zone'. Operators have been required to implement fixed parking locations for e-scooters since October 2023.

Beam Mobility Frequently Asked Questions 

How will the E-Scooters operate in the local community?

E-scooters will provide an accessible and flexible transport option for visitors and residents to explore more of the City and improve transport access and connectivity.

Beam’s e-scooters will improve links between significant precincts across the City including connecting Emu Point, the City precinct, Mira Mar, Spencer Park and Bayonet Head. Parking spots will be created across the City, including at key local attractions like the Albany Entertainment Centre, Middleton Beach, Emu Point, the CBD and the Albany waterfront. Beam’s e-scooters are equipped with state-of-the-art systems and geofencing technology, which ensures that the e-Scooters remain in the Operating Area and can be speed limited and prevented from riding and parking in particular areas.

What are the E-scooter rules and laws in Western Australia?

E-scooters are governed by state legislation. This covers where you can ride, speed and age limits, and other legal requirements. We highly recommend you read more about the rules in Western Australia here as non-compliance can result in prosecution by the police.

How do I get started on a Beam?

Beam’s e-scooters can be accessed via their Beam app. The Beam app can be downloaded from Apple and Google Play stores. Instructions on how to get started are included in the app.

How do I contact Beam’s Customer Service team?

For general enquiries, you can contact Beam’s support team through the Help button on the main menu.

For enquiries regarding specific trips please do the following.

1. Enter "Trip History" in the main app menu.

2. Select the ride you have a dispute or question regarding.

3. Click on "Contact Support" in the bottom right hand of that ride screen.

You may also contact support by clicking on the question mark icon shown on the right hand of the map screen.

If you need to speak to someone in person, please call Beam’s helpline: Toll-Free Number: 1300 507 676

You can also visit the Website: or alternatively email: [email protected]

Am I covered by rider insurance?

Beam provides personal accident insurance and third party insurance for registered riders, provided the rider adheres to the relevant legislation governing e-scooters (e.g. minimum age requirement). If you have been in an accident, please contact emergency services if required and Customer Support on 1300 507 676 as soon as possible.

How do I report an incident or badly parked e-scooter?

If a Beam e-scooter is parked badly or causing an obstruction please visit: and Beam will deploy a marshal to move the e-scooter.

You can also contact Beam’s support team through the “Help” button on the main menu of the app, or by clicking on the question mark icon shown on the right hand of the map screen or by calling Beam’s helpline on 1300 507 676.

How do I report an e-scooter rider on a Beam?

If you have a concern or complaint about a rider on a Beam, immediately register your complaint with Beam’s Customer Service team on the contact details listed above. Please provide the vehicle registration number (if possible) and as much detail as possible on the behaviour (ie, location, time, regularity). If the rider is breaking the law, please also refer the matter to the police.

If the complaint is about a rider on a privately owned e-scooter, then please refer the matter to the police.

For more information visit the Beam Mobility