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Summer Waste Collection

Weekly summer FOGO collection

From Monday 19 December 2022 to Friday 10 February 2023 your lime-green lidded FOGO bin will be collected weekly on your regular bin day. 

Your FOGO bin is the place for food scraps, garden prunings and used paper products like tissues, paper towel and serviettes, and greasy pizza boxes. The weekly collection takes place over the busy summer holidays, while many households have more food scraps, including smelly items like prawn shells.

General waste and recycling bins will be collected fortnightly as normal. Check your schedule here

Bins are still collected on public holidays - remember to have them out by 6am.

If you have any more queries about your kerbside collection, please contact Cleanaway on 6801 7500.

Top tips to trim your bin this Christmas

If your bins are bulging over the festive season, check out our Top tips to trim your bin this Christmas to manage your waste and keep your bin lids closed, including:

  • Drop off excess recycling at Fossicker's Tip Shop for free
  • Make the most of the FOGO bin for food waste, tissues, paper towels and serviettes, and greasy pizza boxes
  • Use up your leftovers
  • DIY bin stations – and label bins or boxes to help your family and guests to separate out recycling, food waste, 10c refund containers, general waste
  • Squeeze air out of rubbish bags and especially soft plastics to save space in your general waste bin
  • Ask a friend or neighbour if you can put excess waste in their bin (you must have permission first)
  • Drop off excess waste at Hanrahan Road Waste Facility (the minimum charge of $10 allows for up to 80Kg of waste – which is more than a wheelie bin’s worth) or use the Rates waste pass
  • Phone the City's friendly waste team on 68203000 if more help is required

For a reminder about what goes where, check out 'How to sort your waste'

Public bins

Public place bins are provided across Albany for recreational use only. Using public place bins for household or commercial waste is prohibited and may attract a fine. Please protect our beautiful environment and do not overfill bins. Remember if it's not in the bin, it's littering! If you see a bin that's overflowing or needs some other attention, please let us know via Report It or by calling 6820 3000.