RangersAnimal control is an important part of the duties carried out by the City of Albany Rangers. This includes dealing with reports of wandering dogs and livestock.

Rangers are authorised to act within the West Australian legislation that governs the control of animals in Western Australia as well as City of Albany local laws.

This includes:

  • the Dog Act 1976;
  • the Cat Act 2011;
  • the City of Albany Animals Local Law 2001

When dogs are in a public place (unless it's in a declared animal exercise area), they must be held on a leash (maximum length of 2 metres) or harness by a person who is capable of controlling the dog, or securely tethered. A dog must also wear a collar with its registration tag attached when out in public.

Dogs are only permitted on private property with the consent of the occupier or owner of a property.

Rangers may seize and impound dogs wandering in public or in place on private property without the consent of the owner or occupier.

Every person liable for the control of wandering dogs may face a $200 fine ($400 if the dog is a restricted breed or declared dangerous).

Under the City of Albany Animals Local Law 2001, the owner or person in charge of livestock shall not permit that livestock to stray onto public or private land.

The owners or occupier of a property on which livestock is kept must ensure that the portion of the property where the livestock is kept is securely fenced in a manner that is capable of containing the animals.

Rangers may impound straying stock either in the City of Albany's pound facility or on private property.

For more information please refer to the City of Albany Animals Local Law 2001.

Under current state and local laws, it is generally not illegal for cats to roam. However, if a cat is causing a nuisance and is not responding to deterrent measures, please contact the City of Albany Rangers on 6820 3999 or email ranger@albany.wa.gov.au  who may be able to assist.

Click on the link below for suggested deterrent measures.

The City of Albany Local Planning Scheme No. 1 places restrictions on the keeping of animals in certain zones.

In Rural Residential and Special Residential zones, cats and rabbits are considered to pose a threat to native flora and/or fauna and shall be confined inside buildings.

In Conservation Zones only domestic pets which do not pose a threat to native flora and/or fauna may be kept under certain conditions. Cats and rabbits are considered to pose a threat and are not allowed.

Other restrictions on the keeping of cats are applied to specified Rural Residential zone, some of which prohibit the keeping of cats.

To find out the zoning of your property, visit the Planning Services page and click on the "What's my zoning" link.

For more information visit the Planning Services page and check the contents of the Local Planning Scheme 1, or telephone the Planning Team on 6820 4009.   

Cat Deterrent Measures (170KB) View File  OR   Download FileInformation sheet on actions that can be taken by residents to deter cats from their property or garden.