The City’s residential kerbside bin collection will be adapted to become a FOGO service in 2021.
What is FOGO?
Food Organics & Garden Organics.

How does it work?
When the FOGO service starts residents will place food scraps in with garden organics in their green waste bin which will be collected for processing into compost.

What will I receive? 

Households will receive a free kitchen caddy and a supply of compostable liners as well as bin stickers and information material to help separate out food scraps ready for the composting service

I already compost, do I need this?
We encourage you to keep composting at home! However, you can put meat and bones, seafood, bread and pastas, and even dirty pizza boxes and tissues in the FOGO bin. 

What if I have a large family, or live in a unit complex?
Consideration will be given to residents with particular needs and additional options will be determined in consultation with relevant community groups, agencies and City staff.

I don't have a green bin. What should I do?

Please email with your name and address to let us know.

Bin Breakdown!

240L Bin | Lime Green Lid
Collected | Fortnightly
Contents | Food Organics & Garden Organics (FOGO)

140L Bin | Red or Blue Lid
Collected | Fortnightly 
Contents | General Waste (Landfill)

240L Bin | Yellow or Dark Green Lid
Collected | Fortnightly 
Contents | Recycling 

This is great, but why?
Currently about 30% of the contents of Albany's general waste bins is food and organics - heading to landfill. The impact of food waste in landfill includes the production of harmful greenhouse gases and leachate run-off. Collecting food waste for composting could potentially divert more than 2,300 tonnes of waste from Albany’s landfill per annum and put valuable nutrients back into local soils.

I still have questions. Who can I talk to?

We'll be sharing lots of information with residents and property owners before the introduction of FOGO. Please email queries to or phone (08) 6820 3000 and ask for Waste Services.