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Livestock & Poultry

The type and numbers of animals and birds that can be kept on property is determined by the zoning of that particular property. To find your zone visit the Applications and Property Zoning page.

The rules that govern the keeping of wildlife and poultry within the City of Albany are detailed in the City of Albany's Animals Local Law 2020. You can download this below.

Local Law
Animals Local Law 2020

Keeping Livestock

Livestock includes any horse, cattle, sheep, goat, swine, buffalo, deer, camel, llama and alpaca. The properties on which livestock can be kept is determined by the Local Planning Scheme, this can be found on the Planning Services page.

Property owners who keep livestock have a responsibility to ensure that their fencing is sufficient to contain stock inside the property. The minimum requirement in rural or special rural areas is a fence of post and wire construction (for example wooden or steel posts supporting either plain, barbed or pre-fabricated netting wire, or a combination of each).

The owner or person in charge of the livestock also has an obligation to ensure stock does not stray onto a road or public place; or on private property without the consent of the property owner.

Straying Livestock

Wandering stock has the potential to be a serious threat to both public safety and biosecurity.

Under the City of Albany Animals Local Law 2020, the owner or person in charge of livestock shall not permit that livestock to stray onto public or private land.

If the City of Albany receives a report of straying stock, attending Rangers may impound the livestock at either:

  • The City of Albany Pound located at Mercer Road.
  • Private property within the consent of the property owner.

The owners or occupier of a property on which livestock is kept must ensure that the portion of the property where the livestock is kept is securely fenced in a manner that is capable of containing the animals.

To avoid legal action, the City urges all livestock owners to take the time to check that their fences are in good condition.

Where the stock owner is identified, they will be liable for all associated impounding costs, including sustenance fees. If the owner cannot be found, the City may dispose of the stock by sale in order to recover costs.

For more information please refer to the City of Albany Animals Local Law 2020.

Keeping Poultry & Pigeons

In all Areas

The maximum number of poultry permitted to be kept on a lot within the City of Albany is 6, including ducks. Noisy poultry including roosters, turkeys, geese, peacocks/peahens are not permitted in residential areas.  If an Affiliated Person (ie. a member of a properly constituted Poultry or Pigeon Club) then a maximum of 50 pigeons and 12 poultry can be kept on any one lot of land.

A number of conditions apply to the keeping of poultry, including:

  • Poultry should be kept in a properly constructed and securely fastened enclosure which has a concrete floor;
  • Enclosures should be clean and maintained at all times;
  • If released from enclosure to free range, are otherwise confined to the property;
  • The poultry do not cause or be a nuisance to any person; and
  • All feed to be stored in vermin proof containers.