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Parking Infringements

Why does the City of Albany issue Parking Infringements?

Parking spaces in the City of Albany and are limited. The City seeks to ensure that visitors and residents have access to parking by designing parking areas to provide for people's varying needs. This includes parking bays for:

  • Short term parking (for example, to drop off a document or pick someone up).
  • Longer term use (people who work in the CBD or who want to shop for an extended period).
  • Use by people with disabilities (those with valid ACROD permits).
  • Use by motorcyclists, bus drivers and taxis.
  • Use by commercial and delivery vehicles supplying local businesses.

Signs and road markings have been installed to advise motorists of the intended use of parking spaces and any restrictions that apply. It is up to drivers to read and comply with the road markings and signs when parking in the CBD.

The City seeks that the community comply with these laws: warnings, infringements and prosecutions are undertaken to gain compliance. Drivers who park incorrectly or illegally make it difficult for others may receive an infringement notice, a caution or the matter may be taken directly to court.

Paying a parking infringement


In Person

By Post

Visit the Infringement Payments page of the City of Albany website.

City of Albany Administration Building, 102 North Road, Yakamia.

Cashier hours are 9.00am to 4.30 pm

City of Albany

PO Box 484


Cheque or money order payments are to be made payable to the 'City of Albany' and crossed 'Not negotiable'.

What happens if I don’t pay an infringement?

Infringement notices that remain unpaid 28 days following the issue of a Final Demand notice are registered with Fines Enforcement Agency (FER) in accordance with s.14(4) of the Fines, Penalties and Infringement Notices Enforcement Act 1994.

If this happens, you will incur additional fees, and the Western Australian Department of Justice will be responsible for taking follow-up action to collect the outstanding amount.

The actions may include driver's licence suspension, vehicle immobilisation, vehicle licence cancellation and seizure and sale of your property. In some cases you may even be imprisoned.

Nominate another driver

If you were not the driver of the vehicle at the time the infringement notice was issued, you can provide the City with the name of the driver.

Nominations can only be accepted from the registered owner of the vehicle, or, if the vehicle is registered in a company name, by an authorised representative of that company.

Download the Nominate Another Driver Form

Please email the completed form to [email protected].

Appealing a parking infringement

In certain circumstances, the City will assess an infringement once it has been issued, if the driver can provide evidence of mitigating circumstances that contributed to the breach of the parking restrictions.

The following reasons WILL NOT be considered:

You lost track of time

Drivers must ensure they park in a place that provides enough time for their requirements. This includes allocating time for a doctor’s appointment, hairdresser, job interview, court date or other activity. Some of these activities take longer than an hour or two, so parking in a short term bay is not appropriate.

You did not see/understand the sign or did not know parking restrictions applied

It is the driver’s responsibility to look for parking signs or road markings to ascertain parking restrictions and if parking is permitted in the area they intended to leave their vehicle.

You thought you were allowed to park in a restricted area

Only authorised vehicles can park in loading zones, taxi stands, disabled bays and charter bus bays.

You could not find a parking bay, so you left your vehicle in a place you thought would have been alright

In the City of Albany you can only park in designated parking areas.

To appeal an infringement notice, please complete the online form

Taking an Infringement matter to court

The City of Albany requests that in the first instance you contact the City to appeal the infringement notice. 

If you select to not pay the modified penalty and to have the matter heard by a Magistrate in the Magistrate’s Court, you will need to notify the City in writing by completing the online form. The infringement notice will be withdrawn and you will receive a summons to appear in court.