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Volunteer Bushfire Brigades

About our Volunteer Bushfire Brigades

Much of the City of Albany lies outside of the gazetted Fire and Rescue area so the local communities rely on Volunteer Bushfire Brigades. 

The City of Albany has 16 Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades across the North East and South West sectors in the Great Southern. 

Our Volunteers play an integral role in bushfire awareness and suppression, active firefighting, emergency response, assisted burns and undertake regular training and obtain relevant certifications to enable them to safely support their communities during an emergency.  

The more experienced volunteers may also be invited to participate in key fire ground leadership and emergency management roles.

Due to the vast reach across the Great Southern, the Brigades are broken into two Sectors:

  • North East
  • South West

To identify which Brigade is in your locality, please refer to the Brigade Sector Boundaries map.

Interested in Volunteering?  Contact your local Bushfire Brigade or [email protected] 

Brigade Boundaries and Sectors

The map below indicates the Brigade boundaries and Sectors.  If you seek further information or unsure who your Brigade is, contact your closest Brigade Fire Control Officer here.

Brigade Contacts

If you require further information on any of the following points, contact your local Bushfire Brigade Fire Control Officer:

  • Want information on Volunteering
  • Confirm who your local Brigade is
  • Apply for Burn Permit (during restricted burning times)
  • Request an assisted burn

Brigade Operating Procedures

The City of Albany Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade Operating Procedures describe the safe work practices that should be followed by volunteers and staff when involved in brigade activities.

City of Albany Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade Operating Procedures