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The West Australian state government introduced the Cat Act 2011 to encourage responsible cat ownership, reduce the number of unwanted cats in the community and the number of cats euthanised.

For more information about what the Act means for cat owners, click on the link below.

Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries
Responsible Cat Ownership


All cats must be identified by a microchip*. This ensures that a lost or injured cat can be easily returned to its owner and enables Rangers to easily determine if a cat is a pet, a stray or a feral animal.

*Unless a veterinarian has certified that the cat is not fit to be microchipped.


The owner of a cat that has reached six months of age must ensure that the cat is sterilised by a veterinarian, unless:

  • a certificate has been given by a veterinarian stating that to sterilise the cat may adversely affect the health and welfare of the cat; or
  • the cat is owned by an approved cat breeder for the purpose of breeding.

If an unsterilised cat is being transferred from one owner to another, the seller must provide the purchaser with a voucher for a veterinarian to sterilise the cat (even if the cat is being given away).


All cats aged over 6 months should be registered and wear the registration tag on their collars when in a public place.

Cats must be microchipped and sterilised (unless exempt) before cat owners can apply to register their cat.

Cat registrations renewals can be paid online or in person at the City of Albany Administration Office at 102 North Road, Yakamia.

Click on the link below to download a Cat Registration Application form:

When submitting your application, please include proof of microchipping (in the current owner's name) and sterilisation, if applicable, through a certificate or a letter from your veterinarian.

Cat Registration

Registration Fees

As per the City of Albany Fees and Charges

  • Eligible pensioner discount 50% of the fees otherwise payable
  • Registrations after the 31 May, 50% of the fees otherwise payable for that year)
1 Year 3 Years Lifetime
Sterilised and micro-chipped $20.00 $42.50 $100.00

Transfer of Ownership

Before you give or sell your cat to another person, you need to make sure that the cat is:

  • microchipped 
  • sterilised

If the cat is currently registered with the City of Albany, you need to notify the City by completing a Transfer of Ownership form.

Cats Deceased or Transferred out of Albany

If you wish to cancel your cat's registration, please click on the link below to download a Cancellation of Cat Registration Form. Please note that refunds are not issued for cancellation of cat registrations.

Cancellation of Cat Registration Form

Nuisance Cats

Under current state legislation and City of Albany local laws, it is not illegal for cats to stray onto private property.

City Rangers are able to trap cats only for the purpose of identifying the cat’s owner and checking for compliance with the Cat Act 2011, which requires cats to be registered, microchipped and sterilised (unless exempt).

If you are experiencing issues with cats coming on to your property, the City recommends that, if you know where the cat is from, you contact the cat’s owner and let them know of your concerns.

You can also apply deterrent measures to try to discourage the cat from entering your property. You may need to give the deterrent measures a few weeks to take effect.

Click on the link below for suggested deterrent measures.

Fact Sheet
Cat Deterrent Methods

If the cat’s behaviour constitutes a risk to human health, the City’s Environmental Health officers may be able to assist. Please utilise the City’s Report It function.

Keeping Cats in Special Zones

The City of Albany Local Planning Scheme places restrictions on the keeping of cats in certain zones. 

To find out the zoning of your property, visit the Planning Services page and click on the "What's my zoning" link.

For more information visit the Planning Services page and check the contents of the Local Planning Scheme or telephone the Planning Team on 6820 3040.

Limit on Number of Cats

Under the City of Albany Animals Local Law 2020, a person shall not keep more than 3 cats over the age of 3 months, unless written approval has been obtained from the City to: