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Access and Inclusion

The City of Albany is committed to ensuring that all public services, facilities and information are available to all community members, including those living with a disability, thereby enabling all community members to participate in all aspects of community life.

The City’s Access and Inclusion Plan 2023-2027 provides a guide to how the City supports accessible and inclusive communities through seven Outcome Areas: City Services and Events, City Buildings and Facilities, City Information, Customer Service, Complaints, Public Consultation, and Employment.

2023-2027 Access & Inclusion Plan and Action Plan

Access and Inclusion in Albany 

Statistically about 20 percent of Albany's population has some form of disability and around 7 percent have a profound or severe core activity limitation. The City of Albany recognises that many people living with disability may have individual support needs that require particular adaptive or assistive measures to be able to participate in community life.

All Western Australian Local Government Authorities are required to develop and implement Disability Access and Inclusion Plans in accordance with the Disability Services Act (1993) to ensure people with disability have the same opportunity as others to access council services, facilities, information, employment, and civic participation.

Following consultation with community members and the disability services sector, the City updated its Plan for the 2023-2027 period. You can download a copy by clicking the link below. Alternative formats of the 2023-2027 Access and Inclusion Plan are available upon request. To request the 2023-2027 Access and Inclusion Plan in an alternative format, please contact the Community Development team on 6820 3023 or email [email protected]

2023-2027 Access and Inclusion Plan

To ensure effective implementation of the 2023-2027 Access and Inclusion Plan, the City has developed an Action Plan detailing key targets, timeframes, and responsibilities for each outcome area and associated strategies. Responsible departments will be required to report on their allocated actions every six months. The Action Plan will be updated annually
by the Community Development Team to maintain accountability, identify completed actions, add new actions, and amend actions where required. The City's Action Plan is available to the public upon request. To receive a copy of the Action Plan, please contact the Community Development team on 6820 3023 or email [email protected]

Access and Inclusion Working Group 

The City of Albany Access and Inclusion Working Group (AIWG) exists to ensure individuals living with a disability, stakeholders and community members are heard and able to provide guidance and advice on how the City can be more accessible and inclusive to everyone.

The AIWG meets on a quarterly basis and consists of Albany residents who are passionate about improving access and inclusion for people living with a disability. 

Access and Inclusion Working Group Aims and Objectives:

  • Assist in identifying opportunities for improvements to access within the City of Albany.
  • Assist with the implementation and review of the City's Access and Inclusion Plan.
  • Act as a consultation forum for the City of Albany on any Access and Inclusion Projects. 
  • Act as a liaison group between the City of Albany and individuals within our community with disabilities and the agencies that provide disability services. 

Community members with skills or experience in reducing access and inclusion barriers, and individuals living with a disability are strongly encouraged to apply. 

To express your interest in joining the AIWG or for more information, contact the Community Development team on 6820 3023 or email [email protected]

Beach Access & Beach Wheelchairs

Beach Wheelchair Middleton Beach Albany

The City offers free use of beach wheelchairs at Middleton Beach and Emu Point, so people who have mobility impairment can also enjoy Albany's popular tourist beaches.

Our wheelchairs can be accessed on a 24/7 basis.

In 2022, the City of Albany purchased a new beach wheelchair for Middleton Beach, supported by the Department of Communities.

How to Book the Beach Wheelchairs:

  • Call 0417 964 102 to make a booking with City of Albany security to open the wheelchair shed. Please call at least 30 minutes prior to your preferred booking time.
  • Meet the security guard at the wheelchair shed at your scheduled time and provide your contact information to the security guard.
  • Arrange a time to meet the security guard to return the wheelchair after use.

Middleton Beach Wheelchair

The all-terrain wheelchair at Middleton Beach offers interchangeable floating and neutral buoyancy wheels. 

Life jackets and a transfer mat to assist with moving the user to and from the wheelchair are available. 

Please read the Beach Wheelchair Safety Guide & User Manual (linked below) before using the wheelchair.

Beach Wheelchair Safety Guide & User Manual 

Emu Point Wheelchair

The beach wheelchair at Emu Point is fitted with floating wheels. Please be aware the wheelchair may float when entering the water. The wheelchair should only be used if there are adequate support persons to assist with transferring the user to and from the wheelchair. 

Beach Matting 

There is beach matting at Emu Point and Middleton Beach which enables wheelchair and mobility aid users access to firmer sand to enjoy beach outings. 

Inclusive Recreation and Leisure

Inclusive Sporting Clubs

The City has developed a guide to assist sporting and recreation clubs to be more accessible and inclusive for people with disability. The guide was developed in partnership with the Princess Royal Sailing Club's Sailability Program. Download the guide below.

Guide to inclusion for sporting clubs

Accessible Playgrounds

The City continually upgrades its playgrounds and equipment and is increasingly adding accessible 'all abilities' equipment to the suite of available play equipment. Currently, the following parks offer 'all abilities' equipment for people who cannot use regular play equipment:

  • Emu Point
  • Cull Park (limited wheelchair access)
  • Mills Park (limited wheelchair access)
  • Eyre Park 

Accessible Fishing

Find accessible fishing locations along our beautiful coastline using this interactive map thanks to the work of Fishability. Click below to access the map.

Link to Fishability's accessible fishing spots web page

Changing Places

Changing Places

Albany's inaugural Changing Place is now open to eligible users. This secure and clean bathroom is specifically designed for people who need space and assistance to manage their bathroom needs while in the community, and for whom universal access toilets are not suitable.

The Changing Place is conveniently located adjacent to the Albany Entertainment Centre at 293 Princess Royal Drive and can be accessed either via the Stirling Terrace footbridge, or there is ACROD parking directly behind the Changing Place.

Access is via a Master Locksmiths Access Key (MLAK). To check eligibility for an MLAK, please contact the National Disability Services on (08) 9242 5544 or by emailing [email protected]. Temporary keys can be obtained from Albany Visitor Centre on York Street, or from the City's Administration Building on North Road upon payment of a $20.00 deposit, fully refunded upon return of the key.

The Changing Place offers the following features:

  • Fully electric, height-adjustable Adult Change Table. Before use, please download and read the manufacturer's instructions (see below). The Adult Change Table is rated to hold a maximum weight of 200kg.
  • Fully electric Ceiling Hoist. The Hoist is also rated to hold a maximum weight of 200kg. Before use, please download and read the manufacturer's instructions (see below).
  • Peninsula Toilet that can be mounted from the left or right-hand side.
  • Shower, including a wall-mounted seat for convenience.
  • Adult diaper disposal for convenience.
  • Disposable Change Table covers that are placed conveniently next to the Change Table.

Users will need to supply their own slings for use in the hoist, which is designed for use with loop style slings. If you are unsure whether your sling can be used in this Changing Place, please contact the supplier or prescribing therapist. Alternatively, you can call the Independent Living Centre Advisory Service on 1300 885 886.

This Changing Place forms part of a state-wide Network. Other Changing Places across WA can be located on the National Public Toilet Map or the Changing Places Australia Toilet Map. You can use either of these maps to plan your journey.

For cleaning or maintenance issues, or in the event of an emergency, please contact the City's Call Centre on 1800 633 000. More information about this Changing Place can be obtained from the Community Development Team on (08) 6820 3023 or by emailing [email protected] 

Changing Places Change Table Instructions

Changing Places Hoist Instructions

Inclusive Fuel Stations

The City of Albany Access & Inclusion Working Group, in conjunction with APM Communities, has developed a map for Inclusive Fuel Stations in Albany. During an Albany Access & Inclusion Committee Meeting an action item was raised to research accessible fuel stations. APM Communities consulted with Albany local Bob Rees to gain a better understanding of refueling challenges. Following the consultation a survey was designed for Fuel Stations in the Great Southern and results were collated. The findings and recommendations were presented to the Albany Access & Inclusion Committee. Please find below the map of Inclusive Fuel Stations in the City of Albany.

Inclusive Fuel Stations Albany

Click here to download the Inclusive Fuel Stations map