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Access & Inclusion Working Group Expression of Interest Application (25/10/2021) Forms
Access to Documents (Freedom of Information Act 1992) Form (19/02/2024) Forms
Adjoining Owners Comment Form - Development Applications Requiring Assessment (11/05/2016) Forms
Albany CBD Precinct Grounds Booking Form (14/06/2019) Forms
Albany CBD Precinct Grounds Booking Terms and Conditions (09/09/2020) Forms
Albany Public Library – Meeting Room Booking Sheet (12/08/2019) Forms
Albany Town Hall Booking Enquiry Form (16/08/2023) Forms
Appendix B - Complaint About Alleged Behaviour Breach Form (17/04/2023) Forms
Application for a Licence for an Approved Kennel Establishment (17/09/2019) Forms
Application for an Inspection Prior to the Intention to Burn (14/06/2019) Forms
Application for approval to keep bees (16/12/2022) Forms
Application for Credit Service form (19/06/2019) Forms
Application for Development Application Form (28/03/2024) Forms
Application for Development Application Form (28/03/2024) Forms
Application for Extractive Industry Licence (23/09/2020) Forms
Application for Permit (26/10/2023) Forms
Application for Portable Sign on Public Thoroughfare Permit (A Frame) (19/07/2019) Forms
Application Form for Large Scale Proposals cm (08/05/2023) Forms
Application to Clear Native Vegetation from Fence Line Form (22/06/2020) Forms
Application to deposit building material on, erect scaffolding or excavate near a street (18/05/2022) Forms
As-Constructed Information Submission Checklist (25/01/2023) Forms
Assisted Bin Service Application Form (22/10/2020) Forms
Campground Host Enquiry Form (09/09/2020) Forms
Cat Registration Application Form (13/06/2019) Forms
Cat Transfer of Ownership Form (13/06/2019) Forms
Change of Address Form (19/06/2019) Forms
Charitable Organisation Waste Fee Application Form (18/11/2021) Forms
Child & Medical Information Form 2019 (16/08/2019) Forms
Christmas Markets Expression of Interest - Stallholder (11/08/2022) Forms
City of Albany Community Events Grant Application Form (01/07/2020) Forms
City of Albany Regional Events Sponsorship Application Form 2021-22 (01/07/2020) Forms
City of Albany Volunteer Application Form (07/09/2020) Forms
COA Artist in Residence Program 2024/2025 (01/08/2023) Forms
COA Artist in Residence Summer 2025 EOI (01/08/2023) Forms
COA Exhibition Call Out 2024/2025 (27/09/2023) Forms
COA Southern Art and Craft Trail 2024 Callout (22/11/2023) Forms
Community Development Funding Application Form 2024/25 (20/03/2024) Forms
Community Event Sign Application Form (20/11/2019) Forms
Community Funding Application Form (17/06/2019) Forms
Community Projects Support Letter Application Form (14/08/2019) Forms
Community Sustainability Grants Application Form 2023-24 (15/05/2023) Forms
Community Sustainability Grants Application Form 2024-25 (15/05/2024) Forms
Community Waste & Sustainability Grant Scheme 2020-21 Guidelines & Application Form (08/08/2019) Forms
Complaint as to a Nuisance Created by a Dog - Form 7 (14/06/2016) Forms
Contractor Induction Checklist (05/03/2020) Forms
Creditor Update & Application Form (24/01/2024) Forms
Crossover application form (16/07/2021) Forms
Customer Service Complaint Form (19/10/2023) Forms
Customer Service Request Form (19/10/2023) Forms
Demolition Permit Application Checklist (01/03/2022) Forms
Development Application Approval Form (28/03/2024) Forms
Development Application Commercial Checklist (28/03/2024) Forms
Development Application Extractive Industries (01/05/2024) Forms
Development Application Residential-Additions Patios Outbuilding Checklist (28/03/2024) Forms
Development Application Residential-Single House Checklist (28/03/2024) Forms
Disclosure of Interest Elected Members, Committee Members, Employees and Contractors Form (20/08/2021) Forms
Dog Pound Release Third Party Authority Form (13/06/2019) Forms
Dog Registration Application Form (21/07/2022) Forms
Dog Transfer of Ownership Form (13/06/2019) Forms
Dog/Cat Registration Cancellation Form (19/10/2023) Forms
Drainage Connection Application Form (23/02/2023) Forms
Driver Nomination Form (20/06/2019) Forms
Emu Boat Pens - Vacating Boat Pen (27/07/2021) Forms
Emu Point Boat Pens - Application Form (01/08/2022) Forms
Event Approval Application (28/06/2019) Forms
Exceptional Circumstances Bin Service Application Form (09/07/2021) Forms
Feedback Form - Maaster Plan Report Draft (24/12/2020) Forms
Gift Declaration Form (22/01/2020) Forms
Health: Environmental Health Section Complaint Form (17/06/2019) Forms
Health: Food Act 2008 - Notification and Registration Form (17/06/2019) Forms
Incomplete Works Bond Application (30/01/2023) Forms
King River Standpipe Application Form (17/10/2023) Forms
Letter of Support Application Form (In-kind support) (27/08/2019) Forms
Lotteries House Conference Room Booking Form (01/07/2019) Forms
Mayoral Portrait EOI 2023 (01/08/2023) Forms
Parks and Reserves Grounds Booking Form (28/06/2019) Forms
Permit to Keep More Than Two Dogs Application Form (13/06/2019) Forms
Planning: Additional Information for Development Approval for Advertisements (13/06/2019) Forms
Pre-Qualification OSH Questionnaire (19/06/2019) Forms
Rates Direct Debit Request Form - Full Payment Option 1 (25/05/2023) Forms
Rates Direct Debit Request Form - Weekly/Fortnightly (25/05/2023) Forms
Rates Direct Debit Request Form for Payment by Instalments Option 2 or 3 (25/05/2023) Forms
R-Codes Checklist (27/03/2024) Forms
Regional Filming Application Form (27/07/2021) Forms
Request a free street tree manual form (11/10/2023) Forms
Road / ROW / PAW Closure Request Form (22/09/2021) Forms
Road/ROW/PAW Closure Request Form - STAGE 2 (28/09/2021) Forms
Search Request For Building Plans (24/01/2024) Forms
Search request for septic system plans (07/10/2020) Forms
Sign Licence Application (13/06/2019) Forms
Signs on Public Land Application Form (19/06/2019) Forms
Stormwater for Infill Development Infiltration Design Checklist (30/01/2023) Forms
Subdivision - Stormwater for Infill Development Infiltration Design Requirement Checklist (31/01/2023) Forms
Subdivision Clearance Checklist (30/01/2023) Forms
Subdivision Clearance Request (30/01/2023) Forms
Subdivision Drawing Submission Checklist (30/01/2023) Forms
Subdivision Payment Form (30/01/2023) Forms
Subdivision Pre-Start Up Checklist (30/01/2023) Forms
Summer Event Series Expression of Interest - Music and Entertainment (11/08/2022) Forms
Summer Events Series - Christmas Pageant Registration Form 2022 (11/08/2022) Forms
Summer Events Series Expression of Interest - Food / Beverage Vendor (11/08/2022) Forms
The Business Side of Arts - Workshop Facilitator EOI (16/08/2023) Forms
Town Hall & Town Square - In Kind Application Form (15/06/2019) Forms
Town Square Booking Form (15/06/2019) Forms
VAC Annual Room Hire Form (11/10/2023) Forms
VAC Gallery Hire Information and Application Form (26/07/2023) Forms
VAC Room Hire Information and Application Form (27/07/2023) Forms
VAC Studio Hire form 2023-2024 (16/08/2023) Forms
VAC Workshop Tutor Form (20/11/2023) Forms
Variation to Fire Management Requirements Application Form (02/09/2019) Forms
Verge Development Application Form (18/06/2019) Forms
Wellstead Standpipe Application Form (17/10/2023) Forms