Current Projects

Albany Youth Challenge Park

Works to construct a state-of-the art pump track, skate plaza and bowl as part of the Youth Challenge Park commenced in September 2020 adjacent to the Albany Skate Park behind PCYC on Sanford Road.

The park will offer improved access and multi-use spaces including an asphalt pump track, skills park, dirt jumps, skate plaza, bowl, activity areas, pedestrian pathways, a multi purpose court, public amenities and spectator viewing zones for all users and abilities.

A pump track will provide the major feature of the park with a width for 6 to 8 lines with varying challenging features and elements to suit a range of mountain bike and BMX skaters.

Comprising of three main sections, the skate plaza and bowl showcases a 5 to 7-foot-deep kidney shaped bowl, a three stair with across and down handrails and an assortment of street skating items.

The space also provides areas to host events, workshops and activities on a much larger scale which will boost tourism and drive economic growth to the region.

The Skate Park, Pump Track and Stage 1 of the dirt jumps are now open to the public for use. Works on the Mountain Bike community jumps will continue over the next few months.

The three main sections of the Youth Challenge Park project is expected to be completed by September 2021 with the multipurpose court and car park works starting construction towards the end of 2021.

Albany Youth Challenge Park

OPENING EVENT - details are here

Oyster Harbour Foreshore Management Plan

The City of Albany is preparing a Foreshore Management Plan (FMP) for Oyster Harbour from the Emu Point Café to the Emu Point Marina.

The FMP is the next step after completion of the Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Plan (CHRMAP) for the stretch of coastline between Middleton Beach and Emu Point. This area of coast is highly valued for its social, environmental and economic aspects, and the FMP will provide more detailed plans for management of specific areas.

The study area includes the coast and adjacent parks, beaches, playgrounds and car parks between Emu Point and the boat ramp.

The FMP will provide recommendations on appropriate land uses and functions that respond to changing coastline, through engagement with the community and key stakeholders. Technical support is being provided from engineers, landscape architects, town planners and City staff.

We have now reached a stage where preliminary designs are available for discussion, and we’d like the community to come along and view the plans and have their say.

There are lots of ways the community can view the plans and get involved:

  • The plans will be on display, and you can ask the team questions at the Emu Point Sporting Club, 2 Birss Street Emu Point, between 5pm and 7pm on Friday October 1, 2021.
  • Talk to us out the front of the Emu Point Café, 1 Mermaid Avenue, Emu Point, between 9:30am and 12:00pm on Saturday October 2, with plans available for viewing.
  • Project information boards with plans will be on display at the Albany Public Library, City of Albany North Road Office and the BBQ enclosure adjacent to the Emu Point Café from 1st October 2021 to 17th October 2021.
  • View the plans and share your thoughts and ideas using the feedback form below or email via address below

Frequently Asked Questions 

Oyster Harbour Foreshore Management Plan, Emu Point - Marina  - Project Information

Oyster Harbour FMP Feedback Form

More Information?

If you would like more information about the project, please contact Emma Evans from the City of Albany on (08) 6820 3000 or email

Information on the CHRMAP is available within the Completed Projects Page

Albany Town Hall Repurposing Project

Improving Albany’s iconic Town Hall will assist in achieving a goal to open its doors 364 days of the year! Since the opening of Albany Entertainment Centre, the Town Hall has been underused and urgently needs attention, so that is why Council have advocated for funding and strived to progress this important project since early 2015.

Added to the State Register of Heritage Places in 1996, the last renovations to the Town Hall were in 1983 and this latest project will return the building to its former glory of 1888.

Restoration and upgrade works will restore it back to its original form, but with modern technology to optimise its use as a multi-function venue. The City has been working with key stakeholders, agency representatives and a community advisory group in drafting plans ready to share with the community. The designs, approved by the State Heritage Council, focus on conservation, culture and arts for flexibility of community use.

Building works commenced on the Town Hall in October 2019 and was officially opened again on the 31st March 2021

Albany Town Hall Community Update & Frequently Asked Questions

Albany Town Hall Project Design

Albany Town Hall Venue Information -

 please click here to see what is happening at the Town Hall

Middleton Beach Foreshore Enhancement

This project is a realisation of the adopted Foreshore Management Plan and a $9 million partnership between the Commonwealth Government, DevelopmentWA (formally known as LandCorp) and the City of Albany.

It is intended that this project will bring a number benefits, including; coastal protection measures, improved drainage and water treatment, provision of service infrastructure, promenade treatments, enhanced public facilities, access and amenities and event space creation.

 Middleton Beach  Project Poster

Stage 1 Sea Wall _Information Board

Stage 2 Landscape _ Information Board

Stage 3 Landscape _ Information Board

Middleton Beach Foreshore Enhancement Nov 2020  

DevelopmentWA (formerly Landcorp) Activity Centre

DevelopmentWA Activity Centre Information


Since the completion of Stage 1 coastal protection sea wall & civil works in 2020, the Middleton Beach Foreshore Enhancement Project has achieved a number of significant progress milestones and is about to enter the final phases of landscape works construction.

Construction packages for the main carpark extension and enhancement, new service access and all access parking to 3 Anchors, and parkland landscape upgrades have been carefully sequenced to maintain public access to the foreshore and beach at all times.  This has involved running concurrent works packages in Ellen Cove, central and northern Promenade, and Albany Surf Club surroundings.

A tender was subsequently awarded to complete the balance of remaining Stage 2 landscape works in February 2021, works commenced in April 2021 and completed in December 2021 with some minor works carrying over into 2022.  Additional State Government stimulus funding (administered through Development WA) has made further upgrades within the Ellen Cove precinct possible, with Stage 3 commencing in 2022.




Feedback is currently being collated and a summary report will be available here soon

The Jetty Link will create a new all abilities accessible pathway to the Ellen Cove Jetty at Middleton Beach, Albany. The project has been made possible with WA State Government funding received through Development WA as a continuation of the Middleton Beach Foreshore Enhancement Project.

 The new path connects the Jetty to the foreshore promenade and will be constructed using local granite retaining walls, natural boulders, and framed timber decking built around existing trees and large boulders, creating new lookouts and interpretive features.  Parkland style post and rail fencing is proposed along the boardwalk path to create a safety barrier and protect the revegetation of the bank.


Representatives from the City of Albany will be on site on

Friday              22nd April 2pm – 5.00pm

Saturday          23rd April 7.30am – 11am



Information on the DevelopmentWA Activity Centre & Hotel Site 

  • Following the Development Application approval for 6 innovative new homes (Duettes), the builder procurement process continues.  
  • Progress continues with civil works, with the next phase to include subdivision and public infrastructure.  

more information :

Emu Point to Middleton Beach Coastal Hazard Risk Management Adaptation Plan (CHRMAP)

At the City of Albany Ordinary Council Meeting on the 17th December 2019, Council adopted the City’s first Final Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Plan (CHRMAP) for the Emu Point to Middleton Beach area. The Final CHRMAP combines all of the relevant information from the CHRMAP process into one final report, including all the relevant reports and feedback from the community. A copy of the final CHRMAP report can be found below:

CHRMAP Implementation Plan 

The CHRMAP Implementation Plan is a succinct easy to read standalone document that provides an overview of the CHRMAP process and details the recommended management options for the key assets at risk.

CHRMAP Implementation Plan FINAL

CHRMAP &  Appendices


CHRMAP Appendices

Public Comment Summary and Response

Public Comment Summary and Response

The City’s Final CHRMAP report has resulted in 11 recommendations which are contained in the CHRMAP document and Implementation Plan. These recommendations will enable the City to make more informed coastal management decisions in the future and provide direction for how the City’s coastal hazard risks will be managed until the next review is required. The City’s CHRMAP will be updated and reviewed every five to ten years, and in accordance with the State Planning policy 2.6

State Planning Policy No. 2.6

State Coastal Planning Policy Guidelines


The City of Albany prepared a CHRMAP for the area of coast from Ellen Cove to the Emu Point Boat Pens. The CHRMAP was completed in accordance with State Planning Policy 2.6: State Coastal policy and associated guidelines. This is the first CHRMAP that has been completed for the City of Albany.

This CHRMAP is designed to identify coastal inundation and erosion hazards for the project area and recommends controls to manage and mitigate the risks, when they should be implemented and what the impact will be in terms of effectiveness, cost environmental and social impact and reversibility.

The CHRMAP is based on extensive technical background research and investigations, community and stakeholder values and inputs, recognition of strategic planning and governance interventions available to the City and the need for culturally and economically acceptable outcomes.

CHRMAP Background Documents

Coastal Vulnerability Study Evocoast

Background Documentation Hazard Mapping Study

What's Next?

The City will continue to monitor the project area. The monitoring framework is contained within the CHRMAP document.

The City’s CHRMAP will be updated and reviewed every five to ten years, and in accordance with the State Planning Policy 2.6 and associated guidelines.

As a recommendation of the CHRMAP the City has commenced a Foreshore Management Plan for the Emu Beach area. Community Engagement will be an integral part of this project.

 If you would like to be involved in further community engagement or like any more information on the above project please contact:

CHRMAP Monitoring Plan Final

CHRMAP Monitoring Plan

City of Albany Photo Beach Monitoring

The Emu Point to Middleton Beach Photo Monitoring Program was developed in 2014 as part of the Emu Point to Middleton Beach Coastal Adaptation and Protection Strategy. This strategy covers the coastal system that includes Oyster Harbour, Emu Point and Middleton Beach. The development of the Strategy was important to gain community input; assess all previous studies; identify gaps in the data and fill them; understand the values and essential character of the coastal region; and to identify viable management options for short and long term.

The Emu Point to Middleton Beach Photo Monitoring Program is designed as a simple, inexpensive, scientifically valid, long range data gathering exercise, easily learned and maintained, easily expanded or contained, and engaging interested community members as volunteers.

Outcomes of the program include:

  • Contribute to a detailed database of coastline change for the area of coast from Ellen Cove (Middleton Beach) to the Emu Point Boat Pens;
  • Collect data that will inform present and future management decisions for this area of coast;
  • Provide data in an easily usable, retrievable and compatible form for local, regional, state and national data gathering;
  • Begin a historical process that can be taught to and handed on to future generations; and provide a model of data collection that can be applied to other areas of coastline.

This data can be viewed here:

Emu Point to Ellen Cove Beach Monitoring

Albany Artificial Surf Reef Project

Current Media Release August 2020

The aim of the Artificial Surf Reef (ASR) Project is to develop a reef structure at Middleton Beach to harness the existing wave energy and swell to produce a consistent surfable wave, designed specifically for beginner to intermediate surfers; given the lack of suitable surfing waves close to the town centre.

The concept of an artificial surf reef in Albany has been around for at least 20 years and has been heavily driven by the Albany community.

In March 2015, the City of Albany engaged specialist consultant engineers to investigate and prepare a report for the feasibility of an ASR at Middleton Beach which found that providing surfing amenity at Middleton Beach, through the construction of an ASR was feasible.

The State Government via the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development committed $5 million towards the project’s progression, with detailed design currently underway, lead by Bluecoast Consulting Engineers.

The detailed design phase will refine the design solution and cost to enable confidence for additional investment to be sought for the estimated $9 million projects’ implementation.

Project Vision

“To create a consistent, surfable wave central to Albany, driving benefits for the community, tourism, economic development, and the retention of the region’s younger age demographic”

Albany Artificial Surf Reef Community Update & FAQs

Albany Artificial Surf Reef Project Overview

City of Albany Artificial Surf Reef Feasibility Survey Results 2016 

Albany Artificial Surf Reef Executive Summary Detailed Design

Albany Artificial Surf Reef Executive Business Case 2020


The City of Albany is inviting community & visitors to share their views on the proposed Albany Artificial Surf Reef at Middleton Beach, which is currently in the project detailed design phase.
Prior to completing the survey, it is recommended that you watch the Albany Artificial Surf Reef project video in it's entirety.
This survey should take 5 minutes to complete. Your survey will be kept in confidence and used for data collection only. 
Comments and survey will close on September 14, 2020.
Each completed survey will go into a draw to win a $100 voucher to a local business of their choice.

Albany Artificial Surf Reef Community Survey

Albany Artificial Surf Reef Video With Subtitles 

Albany Artificial Surf Reef Video - No Subtitles

Albany Motorsport Park

Down Road, Drome 

Project Outcomes

The development of a family friendly, affordable and sustainable multi-use motor sport park for the Great Southern Region, that will accommodate most motorsport disciplines and compatible sports, maximising the commercial benefits of shared facilities.

Motorsport in Albany & the surrounding areas is already known to be popular, with several well organised clubs, a national-level venue for speedway, a state-level venue for go-karts and widely recognised events such as the Albany Classic, Show ‘n Shine and Targa Albany Sprint. Some motorsport disciplines particularly motorcycle racing and motocross lack suitable regional facilities. The concept of the Albany Motorsport Park has been designed with flexibility for a variety of user groups and specifically to meet current and future safety requirements for motorcar and motorcycle racing and other compatible sports, like cycling.

Project Board   Albany Motorsport Park

Mounts Master Plan

A Plan to Conserve and Enhance

The Mounts Master Plan (Mt Adelaide Irrerup & Mt Clarence Corndarup) aims to provide a comprehensive long term vision and action plan for the Mounts which respects and enhances its significant natural, cultural and recreational assets. Through the establishment of a clear vision and refined set of guiding principles, the Master Plan will establish a flexible and overarching framework, outline simple criteria to align project outcomes, identify strategies and inform decision-making to guide sustainable investment and management over time.

The Mounts Master Plan Engagement Report has been prepared based on strategic opportunities, community feedback and priorities.  These documents will inform the preparation of an Implementation Plan.

Engagement Report: Community + Stakeholder Feedback to Draft Master Plan

Appendix A_Figures Submitted with Feedback

Appendix B_Mounts Master Plan Draft Report FINAL

Appendix C_Key Project Sheets

Appendix D_Community and Stakeholder Engagement Feb 2020

Community & Stakeholder Engagement Documents

Appendices documents within the Community & Stakeholder Engagement Summary

A_Master Plan Summary Document - Presented to Community and Stakeholders

B_Mounts Master Plan Survey

C_Mounts Master Plan Matrix Sheet

D_Mounts Master Plan Feedback Sheet

Princess Royal Harbour Coastal Hazard Risk Management Adaptation Plan (CHRMAP) 

The City of Albany in conjunction with the State Government and Southern Ports is developing a Coastal Hazard Risk Management Adaptation Plan (CHRMAP) to identify key assets along the coast and measures the City may take to preserve them against the impact of coastal hazards.

Study Area 

The below figure illustrates the area of interest (orange line). 

Climate Change and Coastal Hazards 

Climate change, including rising sea levels, is predicted to increase the level of erosion of sandy coastlines and inundation (flooding) of low-lying areas.

The coastline associated with the Princess Royal Harbour is low lying and therefore may be at risk to erosion and inundation. There are pressures on the Princess Royal Harbour coastal zone for land use and development for a variety of purposes including public access, recreation, residential and industry. Governments at all levels and private parties (individuals, businesses and the community) each have important, complementary and differentiated roles in managing risk arising from coastal hazards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the project FAQs here.

Project Timeline

The CHRMAP will be completed in 8 Stages, with community and stakeholder engagement undertaken along the way.

Community and Business Reference Group - EOI Now Open 

Another part of the community and stakeholder engagement for the CHRMAP is establishing a Community and Business Reference Group (CBRG) to help guide and provide advice around key milestones of the project. The members of the CBRG will act as conduits between the community and the project team, helping to share important information and knowledge both ways.

We are still seeking business representatives to join the CBRG and have a couple of places remaining, please complete the EOI form below if you are a business representative willing to join. You can view the Terms of Reference for the CBRG and learn more about the selection criteria through the links below:

CBRG Terms of Reference

CBRG Selection Criteria

CBRG Expression of Interest Form

Pop Up Information Sessions

A pop-up information session was held on Saturday 2 April with 45 attendees. 

Download the Information Brochure here

Policy and Guidelines 

The CHRMAP will be prepared in accordance with the WA Coastal Zone Strategy, the State Planning Policy 2.6 – State Coastal Planning Policy (SPP2.6) and the CHRMAP Guidelines.

Details on the strategic and policy intent can be found at the following links.

Register to stay informed 

If you’d like to stay informed about the progress and engagement opportunities of this project, please register your email here.