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Applications - Building Permits

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Lodging your application

Building Services continues to streamline internal processes for fast-tracking application approvals. The Building Services team is able to provide general support and information to property owners, builders, designers or applicants throughout a building application process.

Before lodging your application, please check your application is ready or contact us with any queries:

  • Application details are complete

for further information refer to Building Services

  • Is Development Approval required?

for further information refer to Planning & Development

Once your application is ready, it must be lodged with fees payable to the City.

The easiest and fastest way to lodge a building application is via online or by email. Once submitted, an Information Officer will contact you for credit card details over the phone. Please do not disclose credit card details with emailed applications.

Online Applications

*Online services currently unavailable - please email your application

If you regularly submit building applications register today

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Email Applications

To lodge an application via email - complete and include the relevant application form (linked below) and include required attachments.

email [email protected]


Notice of Completion

A Notice of Completion is required to be submitted within 7 days of the completion of building works by the nominated builder or contractor. The nominated builder or contractor remains liable for the work until the notice has been submitted.

BA7 - Notice of Completion

Cancelling a building permit

A nominated builder or contractor can submit a Notice of Cessation for incomplete works. The builder is required to submit the notice with 7 days of work ceasing and provide a copy to the owner.

BA8 - Notice of Cessation