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Administrative policies authorised under delegation, enable effective and efficient management of City of Albany resources and assist staff and Council to achieve an equitable decision-making process.

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Acceptable Use of Electronic & Digital Signatures Policy (01/07/2019) Policies - Admin
Albany Public Library Collection Development Policy (13/09/2019) Policies - Admin
Albany Public Library Internet Access - Conditions of Use Policy (01/07/2019) Policies - Admin
Campground Host Policy & Procedure (15/10/2020) Policies - Admin
Citizenship Ceremony Dress Code (04/11/2020) Policies - Admin
Code of Conduct for Persons with Access to Recorded Material (Audio, CCTV, Camera Footage) (01/07/2019) Policies - Admin
Corporate Governance Charter (01/02/2021) Policies - Admin
Customer Service Commitment and Complaints Resolution Policy & Procedure (01/07/2019) Policies - Admin
Dealing with challenging behaviour policy (05/03/2020) Policies - Admin
Employee Code of Conduct Policy (01/07/2019) Policies - Admin
Flying Drones on Public Property Policy (incl. Model Aircraft) (01/07/2019) Policies - Admin
Internal Review Policy & Procedure (01/07/2019) Policies - Admin
IT Cloud Services Policy & Procedure (Corporate Data Structure, Standards & Rules) (01/07/2019) Policies - Admin
Library Collection Policy 2019 (31/07/2019) Policies - Admin
Library Public Information Technology (IT) Use Policy (01/07/2019) Policies - Admin
Marine Mammal Carcass or Stranding Response Policy & Procedure (16/10/2020) Policies - Admin
Media Liaison Policy (13/05/2021) Policies - Admin
Provision of Community Support Letter Policy (14/08/2019) Policies - Admin
Public Interest Disclosure Procedures (PID) Policy and Procedure (09/07/2021) Policies - Admin
Supply of Mobile Garbage Bins Policy (01/07/2019) Policies - Admin
Swimming Coaching Activities at the Albany Leisure & Aquatic Centre (ALAC) Policy (01/07/2019) Policies - Admin
Welcome to Country, Acknowledgement of People and Country and Aboriginal Cultural Performances Policy & Procedure (01/07/2019) Policies - Admin